Working from Home: The Benefits of a Garden Office

Have you ever thought of bringing your office to your home, but think it is impossible since you believe you do not have enough space? If you have a garden, then it is all the room you need to set up an office.

It is easier than you think with Urban Pods.

Below are some reasons that can help justify such a decision.

  1. Ditch the daily drive and gain more time:

Assuming you drive to and from work every day for 5 days each week and it takes 30 minutes to drive to and from your destination, then you get to save an hour each time you stroll down to your garden office. That then amounts to 5 hours in a week that you can save and redirect to being more productive and this accumulatively amounts to 260 hours of opportunity to increase your productivity in a year. If you then take those hours, these can amount to 32 and half days of (8 work-hours) in a year. That then means you increase the number of days you can have on your hand to optimally maximize your schedule.

  1. Become more focused to improve the quality of your work:

If you manage to reduce the distractions around you, you will be in a better position to provide further emphasis on your work input since you will be able to think clearly. Take the example of authors and artists; they often love to retreat to a quiet place where they can relax and expand their thoughts. The same objective is possible by setting up a dedicated office where you can concrete on your work without any distractions. The demands of what you do in our professional require you to be creative, and that means you need to make use of your brain. A place where you can enjoy some peace and quiet will help you enhance your creativity; such a place can be your garden office where you can focus on the quality of your work. 

  1. Get Inspired by healthy environments and see an increase in your productivity:

Our surroundings can influence your productivity; this is a fact that is supported by finding of studies done by environmental psychologists. The experts refer to the “Sick Building Syndrome” as a condition that can affect employees. It can be characterised by respiratory problems, anxiety, and headaches that are linked to stress factors or working in unhealthy or less-conducive work settings. By working from a garden office, you will be immersing yourself in an environment that brings you closer to nature where you can enjoy fresh air and not be within the confines of restricted space. But do not think of the office in your yard as a micro-eco-building, but it still should be a place that promotes greater health benefits than most other office structures.

Other than the three benefits mentioned above, the garden office can also offer the following:

  • It can be an addition that increases the value of your property.
  • You can cut the heating costs if you are alone at home and are working in the garden office.
  • You can efficiently manage your work life and private life since you work from home; as such, you can quickly attend to family emergencies and other things.
  • You are close to your family and can find some time to spend with them when you take a break from work.
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