Winter Bedding Ideas To Inspire You

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Winter Bedding Ideas


I don’t know about you, but I love to plan my winter bedding about now. I’ve popped some lovely yellow and red tiny pansies in a bed with some tulip bulbs, but my mind is more focused on my winter bedding ideas for next year. I like to plant my winter bedding from seed and I am fortunate enough to have enough space to plant enough seeds to fill my garden with some beautiful colours for the winter and spring. I’ve been hunting around and I thought I’d share my winter bedding ideas with you.

Pansy ‘Mystique Blue Halo’ Viola x wittrockiana

pansy mystique bluePansies come in such a wonderful array of colours. This one is a firm favourite in my garden, with it’s really quite large blue/lavender flowers. They have a really charming white centre and violet mini-stripes. I like to plant them in their own bed to show off their colours. The only problem I find with this set-up is that I really need to keep on top of the deadheading! They are a really easy variety to grow and would look great in beds, boxes, or borders. They can grow to quite a height (for pansies) to 10-15cm. One of the interesting details about this pansy (that I must admit, I haven’t tried) is that the flower heads are edible. They are crystallised and then used to decorate cakes, or added directly into a salad – what a colour!


GoTo4Gardening would like to comment here that you should always check with an expert before eating a flower, as some can be poisonous.


Wallflower ‘Sugar Rush’ Erysimum

wallflower sugar rushI have been growing this for the last few years after I noticed that it have won ‘Best New Bedding Plant’ in 2013 at the Grower of the Year Awards. This best bits about this particular wallflower is its wonderfully dense flower stems that are heavily fragrant – wonderful value for money winter bedding in my opinion!! The flowers pop up in all different colours and shades. You can buy purple, red, yellow, and cream. My favourites are the creams. I like to have wallflowers year-round in my garden and plant for spring and late autumn/winter colour and scent. This wonderful wallflower is great! Every colour, well nearly, and it works so well for pots, borders, and well anywhere you would like to put it! The wallflower really is one of the most versatile plant and will survive and thrive in pretty much any soil!

Forget-me-not ‘Sylva’ Myosotis sylvatica

forget me notOne of my favourite uses for the forget-me-not is to plant it with bulbs, especially the shorter tulips, such as the doubled-flower Murillo. Blue is the traditional colour (which I rather like to keep to) but there are also whites and pinks coming onto the market. Some like to use the forget-me-not as a filler until ‘more interesting’ plants pop up, but I like to showcase this lovely little flower in its own right.


I hope that you enjoyed my winter bedding ideas!

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