Why Garden Planters Are The Best Invention Ever

Garden planters and containers are an essential weapon in the gardener’s arsenal. Planters provide much-needed nutrients, support and sometimes shelter to plants and are particularly suitable for perennials. If you want your garden to have style, sophistication, and excitement, then plants are essential.

How To Use Planters

First thing’s first: how do you set up containers?

Step 1: Put Drainage Material In The Bottom

You want your planter to behave like a regular chunk of soil so that your plants can thrive. That means that you need to provide adequate draining so that when you water your plants, water can trickle through and out of the bottom, preventing saturation.

Experienced gardeners use a range of materials from stones, to broken terracotta to polystyrene. You’ll want to fill the bottom third of any planter with draining material.

Step 2: Fill With Compost

You can use your own compost or shop-bought. Using your own is usually better.

Step 3: Remove Plants From Source

Removing the plants can be a tricky process. If transferring from a pot, remove all of the soil and place it in a well in the new container. If removing from the ground, cut around the edge of the plant, making sure that you remove it, roots intact.

Step 4: Seal Around Plants With Compost

Pat down the compost so that there’s no gap between the new soil and existing compost.

Step 5: Check You Haven’t Overfilled

You need the soil to be sunken down into the container by about two inches. The extra space allows water to soak in when you water the plants.

Why Choose Planters?

Add Character To Your Garden

Garden planters aren’t just a great way to grow and protect plants from the competition: they also add character to your garden. A well-positioned half barrel planter can create a great impression and become a focal point. Planters are also versatile. You can put them anywhere, from shed windows to hanging baskets outside your back door.

Create Vertical Spaces

Soil is great. It provides nutrients for plants and provides the basis for all gardening. But it has one drawback: it’s all on the ground. Any plants you grow must grow in soil, and so you’re limited with how much of the vertical space you can use in your garden.

Or are you? Planters allow you to go three-dimensional in your designs and landscaping. With planters, you can place your favorite plants well above your bed if you want to, creating visual interest and opening up a world of new design possibilities.

Create A Theme

Because planters are artificial, you can use them to complement a theme. Planters can, in theory, be anything with an internal volume to store the soil and roots, with drainage out of the bottom. You can use all sorts of things, even old sinks, so long as they fit your theme.

Use Your Creativity

You don’t have to stick with planters somebody else has made: you can make your own. Planters can be practically any shape or size, and you can put them in a variety of settings. You could design planters, for instance, that marry with the decor of your shed, or reflect the type of plants and flowers you’d love to see bloom in your beds.

You can also use planters indoors too. Indoor planters don’t have to be weather resistant, so you can experiment with a world of new materials. Some adventurous people encase their indoor planters with knitted fabrics.

Create A Focal Point

Ask any interior designer, and they’ll tell you that all good rooms need a focal point. The same is true for gardens. You need a feature that draws the eye.

Although you’re not limited to planters, nothing is stopping you from using these as features. Planters can be arranged on a lean-to in rows, dressing a wall and making it more attractive. Or you can use planters in a central bed in the middle of your lawn, making use of vertical space and breaking up the grass.

Recycle And Prevent Landfill

Using planters can also help you save the environment. You can often find objects that will serve as suitable planters at a range of boot sales and events. And every object that you save prevents it from going to landfill. You can search around, looking for trinkets, all the while giving your money to worthy causes.

Are you interested in using planters in your garden? Containers are a fun and versatile way to spice up your garden and landscaping.

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