What are automated watering systems?

One of the key issues that most gardeners face is the regular watering of their plants and the lawn, especially at times such as when your away from your garden such as holidays. Busy schedules dictate our lives however irrespective of our schedules and holidays, our gardens still require regular nutrients and watering. This is where the recent innovation of automated watering systems provides the ideal solution.

What are the Benefits of Automated Watering Systems?

These systems are able to provide regular watering of area’s within the garden at specific times of the day or night and are completely automated, utilising timers and a complex array of tubing which is located around the relevant area’s.

Although there are a variety of different options available, drip irrigation systems are considered by many to be the most efficient watering systems for the garden, with the ability to release water slowly over time, giving a greater level of control.

When choosing the most suitable automated watering system, there are various factors that should be taken into account, these are:

How much do Automated Watering Systems Cost?

Automated watering systems come in all shapes and sizes, although in reality the modular format is probably best suited to most people as it allows you to accurately assess and deliver the relevant components to suit your garden. The size of the garden or area to be regularly watered and your budget will dictate the level of complexity of the system you choose.

Key components of an Automated Watering System


These are the critical element of any automated system. Water timers automate the process of watering, by virtue of time settings that you set. Quite simply they switch on and off the water supply to instigate the process itself. Usually attached to the outlet water supply, they comprise of a timer switch which regulates a inlet/outlet valve within the unit which switches the water supply or off as indicated by the time of day.

The Pipe

Dependent upon the system chosen, there are several types of pipework which can be used. For example a soaker hose style system is deal for use in borders and vegetable patches as it is in essence a leaky pipe which releases water throughout the complete length of the hose. If using a microjet or mini sprinkler system then a standard connection hose would be used up to the relevant point.

Microjet systems

These are dedicated elements within a larger system that deliver a fine spray of water over a specific area, usually in the region of 2 metres. This form of watering is ideal for small specific area’s of plants all contained within a specific area.

Mini sprinkler systems

Ideal for areas such as lawn areas, sprinkler systems offer a simple yet effective way of watering larger areas. These types of systems work differently to microjet systems in that they tend to disperse water in large droplets rather than a fine spray. This has the effect of minimising evaporation.

Automated garden irrigation kits are frequently available in most garden centres, however be careful to choose one that will accommodate your needs rather than be dictated by price.

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