Weekend Gardening 9th and 10th July 

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Weather forecast for this weekend:

The weather in the East Midlands this weekend is forecast to be cloudy and muggy on Saturday with occasional, heavy rain. Sunday will feel fresher with the presence of the wind and scattered showers, but there is the promise of sunshine! Sunday is probably your best chance of a gardening day this weekend.

Pollen count for the East Midlands:

This weekend, the pollen count for the East Midlands is forecast to be very high all weekend.

Priority garden maintenance for this weekend:

If you are struggling to see or work out why your plants are wilting, then check for vine weevil while gardening this weekend. Do this you will need to have a look at the plant’s roots. The vine weevil maggot is typically a creamy colour and will sit in a ‘C’ shape. If you do find vine weevils, then nematodes are your best bet at getting rid of them.

Seasonal suggestion for gardening this weekend in the East Midlands:

A fun gardening job (well I think so!) to get done this weekend is to remove the floating blanket weed. What I do is stir the pond with a bamboo stick, and the blanket weed is spun around the cane. Top tip here is to leave the pile of weed near the pond for a couple of hours to make sure any pond life you have swirled up with the weed can make their way back into the pond.

Greenhouse gardening for this weekend:

While we have had a reasonable amount of rain recently, don’t forget that greenhouses can quickly dry out when the sun comes out and heats the air space inside – remember this on Sunday this weekend. The plants in your greenhouse should be checked daily. If it is hot, water first thing in the morning and last thing at night to help the plants to make the most of the water.

Allotment tips for the East Midlands:

If you want to increase the amount of strawberries that you are producing, you can peg down the runners to encourage them to root and make more plants. This is a simple job for gardening this weekend that children might like to get involved with.

Money saving tip:

My top money saving tip for gardening in the East Midlands this weekend is to take cuttings and make divisions. Use these methods to increase the numbers of plants in your garden. Some people will swear by waiting until a stage when the plant is ‘ready’ to be divided, while others will say that you can divide whenever you choose. There is truth in either method; if you want to divide a plant then go for it.

Out and about this weekend in the East Midlands:

This weekend in the East Midlands, I would recommend a visit to Birmingham Botanical Gardens. The Birmingham Botanical Gardens has something for everyone. They have four stunning glasshouses, beautiful gardens, playground, tearoom or our gift shop. Old and young alike, there is something there! The character of the gardens has been designed to be that of a Victorian public park with a bandstand. The gardens cover 15 acres.

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