Wave Goodbye to Box Blight!

Start Planting Buxus Again – The Long Awaited Cure for the Dreaded Box Blight is Here

Once a beautiful feature in many UK gardens, whether used as a low dividing hedge, styled into topiary shapes or simply as a feature bush; box bush declined due to the box bush fungus cylindrocladium buxicola which decimated buxus plants throughout Europe. Read on to find out how you can once again grow the beautiful boxwood shrub without fearing box blight, thanks to TopBuxus…

About TopBuxus

TopBuxus is Europes largest Box grower, based in the Netherlands they grow 12,000,000 yes that’s twelve million boxwood shrubs each year. In 2004 seeing that their business was in great jeopardy due to the box blight fungus, they set about developing an organic cure. By 2010 they had developed an organic preventative and cure for box blight which they were successfully using on their 50 hectares – 12,000,000 boxwood plants.

TopBuxus Product Range

TopBuxus have developed a full range of products for successfully growing Boxwood shrubs. All of their products have been developed and are used by their own commercial nursery. They use the following products:

TopBuxus Health Mix

An organic tablet based product used to cure and prevent Box Blight. Used together with TopBuxus carpet is 100% guaranteed to protect against Box Blight!!

Order TopBuxus Health Mix Here and use code SP3UWWWD to get a 10% Discount

TopBuxus Grow

A fast acting Boxwood fertiliser, which contains a substantial amount of sulphur. Sulphur is essential for producing the sought after bright green foliage of healthy buxus shrubs. Due to air pollution controls, the sulphur availability in the atmosphere has been dramatically reduced over recent years, making addition of this element essential when growing buxus.

Order TopBuxus Grow Mix Here and use code SP3UWWWD to get a 10% Discount


TopBuxus Carpet

The perfect top layer to create an environment where your buxus will thrive and remain disease free. This carpeting mulch is soft and airy and will last for 3 years before needing to be replaced.

Order TopBuxus Carpet Here and use code SP3UWWWD to get a 10% Discount


A biological bacteria based insecticide which will kill caterpillars without harming other beneficial insects such as bees and other pollinators. This has only been available to commercial growers but can now be purchased for your garden here. This product works for most pest caterpillars – not just those specific to boxwood shrubs.

Order TopBuxus XenTari Here and use code SP3UWWWD to get a 10% Discount

Langley Horticulture, Plant Heritage and TopBuxus Combine to Reignite the Nation’s Interest in Buxus

There is Life After Blight!

Langley Horticulture took over the former Nation Collection of Buxus which had fallen into neglect and lost its national collection status. Using the TopBuxus techniques and products they turned it around and were recently awarded the Buxus National Collection Award by Plant Heritage.

So there it is – you can now successfully grow buxus again in the UK




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