Urban Garden ideas – Is it a fad?

Urban Gardening

Urban Garden ideas – Is it a fad?


Living in a city like London, means that space is at a premium, especially outside space. As a freelance journalist, much of my time is spent at home, researching and writing, for various media agencies and specific newspapers. Recently I was asked to research the trend in urban gardening, which to my surprise has in fact been around for a great deal longer than i expected.



What is Urban Gardening


It is in essence a form of gardening that specifically relates to urban areas such as cities. The premise is to squeeze out of a specific size of outside garden, as much as is efficiently possible in terms of produce such as vegetables. Although it is a currently trending subject on Google with thousands of searches monthly, it has in fact been a concept that has been around for a long time.


The key to urban gardening is to effectively use the area available to produce the maximum benefit, whether this relates to produce such as vegetables, herbs and fruits. Containers, wall hangers, in fact anything can be used to increase the available area which unsurprisingly means working vertically and using space in three dimensions.


There are even schemes shooting up supporting urban gardeners, such as Capital Growth, a London scheme developed in part by the then Mayor, Boris Johnson.


What can you grow in your Urban Garden?


The most popular options in terms of edibles, namely vegetables, herbs and fruits are smaller varieties as you would expect. There are a surprising number of edibles available that are suited to small areas, these include:


All manner of herbs, for flavouring – Parsley, Basil and Mint are firm favourites and can be grown in stackable units scaling a wall for efficient use of the space.


Chillies – Yes chillies are an excellent plant for the urban gardener although for some it may be one to avoid. There are a range of chillies ranging in strength, but the “Apache” versions work well in small confined spaces making them ideal.


Salads – Anything that is small in size will do well, such as baby leaf greens, kale and oriental salad leaves. The good thing is that you can cut them and they grow again. These types of plants are ideal for small areas such as window boxes however they are best kept out of full sunlight.


Welsh onions, beetroot and peas are also good additions to the edible urban gardeners myriad of potential options.


Whatever you choose to grow ensure that its easy to grow, requires little room and delivers edible produce.

Urban Gardening

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