Trialling Stanley’s New Petrol Hedge Trimmer

Stanley Tools New Power Gardening Tools

“Stanley” the household name for quality hand tools; and if you didn’t know the ubiquitous Stanley Knife actually takes its name from Frederick Trent Stanley who founded “Stanley Bolt Manufacturing” in 1843. Fortunately for us gardeners they have now started producing garden power tools. As a keen gardener and blogger I was the lucky recipient of two of their new range of garden power tools to trial which were sent to me by NAP Brands Ltd.

Stanley Petrol Hedge Trimmer

I’ve got a beast of a hedge in my back garden – I used to cut it with an electric hedge trimmer, but it wasn’t really powerful enough to keep my privet hedge in check. Last year I bought a petrol hedge trimmer, I spent most of the afternoon trying to get the thing started, and when finally it did start struggling to keep it going and cut the hedge with it – I swore off petrol hedge cutters, until the shiny new Stanley Petrol Hedge Trimmer arrived on my door step – I had to give it a go.

I opened the box and was pleased to see it neatly packaged – they even included a fuel mixing bottle, which is a nice touch as it’s one of the annoying things you can forget to buy with your 2 stroke oil. The instruction manual is a little complicated, but there is a brief summary on a yellow card (pictured) which is very useful.

I followed the instructions and had no problem starting the hedge trimmer, the trimmer went through my hedge like a knife through butter. This summers’s hedge cutting experience was most enjoyable leaving my wild privet hedge well trained. I’m looking forwards to the next autumn trim and I’m definitely back on petrol hedge trimmers well at least those made by Stanley Tools.

Here is a video review I did of the Stanley petrol hedge trimmer in May 2019 after plenty of use!


To Summarise:

  • Easy to start
  • Doesn’t cut out
  • Not too heavy
  • Not too smokey, although it’s always advisable to wear a mask when using 2 stroke engines
  • Not too noisy (although my neighbor asked the next time I cut my hedge can I choose a cloudy day so that I don’t disturb his Sunday afternoon snooze in the sunshine!)

You can buy the new Stanley petrol hedge trimmer at Tool Station

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  1. Had it 2 days an used it twice 3rd time work in fine but started bogging then bogged cut out now wontvstart

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