A small garden can be tricky to work with. Small gardens, terraces, patios, and balconies might need more effort to get right than bigger spaces, but even the smallest garden can be turned into a beautiful space. 

Small gardens have a lot of benefits. One big advantage is that they are often lower maintenance than a big garden. They’re great spaces to be creative with, as even small changes make a big difference. 

Whether you want to make a beautiful balcony, want to squeeze in some garden furniture, or want to be surrounded by greenery, you can try some of these tricks. 

Add Levels

You can add interest to a small space by putting in different levels. You could build a sunken terrace, with a raised lawn, or a deck or patio at the same level as the house, with a lower lawn. Putting in levels helps to change up the ways you make use of your outdoor space. Levels give you different areas for seating, plants, or play.

Get Creative With Shelving And Hooks

Shelves and hooks aren’t just for indoors. You can clear more floor space by putting up shelves for lights or plant pots. Build shelves onto an existing wall or fence. Hooks are the ideal place to hang outdoor lighting or hang pots for plants. Plants and lights against the wall can look beautiful as part of a bespoke garden design

Go Vertical With Your Planting

Use your vertical space to make the most of the space that you do have in a small garden. Even if your floor space is limited, you probably have lots of walls or fence. By adding plants, you can turn the side of a boring-looking shed into a beautiful living wall. 

A living wall like this could also work on a stretch of bare fence or wall, or the side of a balcony. Whatever kind of small outdoor space you have, you can turn it into a vertical garden, for smaller potted plants and pretty baskets. 

Squeeze In A Small Dining Table

Having a small garden doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying it as an outdoor dining space. Invest in a compact dining option for your garden, like a half-sized table that will tuck against a wall. Look for a drop lead table that can be bolted onto the wall, and can then be folded out of the way when you don’t need it, and put up when you want it. Folding chairs can also be stored tidily out of the way when they aren’t in use but quickly folded out when you do. 

Zone Your Layout

You can create the illusion of having more space by zoning your garden layout. Use a decorative outdoor rug, or putting up some panels of trellis or fence, to clearly define a seating or dining area, even in a smaller garden. Things like this will act as an anchor point, so you can arrange your furniture around it.