The Top 5 Most Popular Pond Plants


Once you have finished digging and filling your garden pond and even stocking it with fish you will most likely visit your local garden centre or preferred online shop and be bamboozled with a huge variety of types of pond plants – this guide should make choosing the right pond plants for your requirements easier.

Most Common Types of Water Plants

From controlling the excess growth of algae in your pond to making the quality of your pond water to be better; these plants have a whole lot of importance in your pond. The fact that they provide a hiding place for your fish, it makes them one of the best things to have in your pond to avoid hungry predators like herons feasting on your fish. Here are some of the types of these plants:

  • Submerged Plants – these may not provide shade to the fish or inhibit sunlight from reaching the algae but they are great oxygenators. Your fish need well-aerated water for them to survive and multiply. Besides, oxygenating, they are great absorbers of excess nutrients in your pond.
  • Floating Plants – these are the widely known type of pond plants which provide great options when it comes to filtering those nutrients that may cause excessive growth of algae. They are good covers and shade for your fish.
  • Bog Plants – these are perennial plants and hence you will see them throughout the year. They come in various colors, sizes, and shapes hence very attractive. They do well in shallow areas around your pond.

The above 3 types are the most common types and most of the popular pond plants lie in these categories. Nevertheless, you may find other classifications based on how tolerant these plants are to the various weather conditions.

There are those which do well during summer and others in winter while others are perennial. But which are the most popular water plants that you can plant around your pond?

Most Popular Water Plants

  1. Pickerel Pond plants

Its shiny leaves that are heart-shaped make them very attractive to many pond owners. They come in a variety of flower colors ranging from pink, white to blue. They grow up to 24-30” high and are great floating plants for your pond.

  1. Taro Pond plants

They can do well in almost all climates but best in zones 8-11. They grow up to a height 0f 48”. They come in various varieties that will make your pond great.

  1. Blue Iris

They are the very first plants you will see at the onset of spring blooming. Their pale blue-purple flowers make them a choice of many gardeners. They come in hundreds of varieties to choose from.

  1. Waterlilies

These are perhaps the most popular pond plants that have caught the attention of many gardeners because of their beautiful flowers ranging from pink, orange, indigo, violet, yellow, blue, red to white. They are the best floating pond plants you can have.

  1. Horsetail pond plants

This plant comes in an architectural design that will make your pond very attractive. Nevertheless, you need to cut it during fall to avoid spores from spreading.


There are other water plants you can choose from like creeping Jenny, cardinal flower, mosaic plant, sweet flag, and water lettuce are also among the popular pond plants. It all depends on your taste and preference.


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