You may have landed on this post and thought ‘well the meaning of a rose is obvious, it means love’. Of course, you are correct, but there is a lot more to a rose than this. Read on to discover more about the meaning of this beautiful and popular flower.

Roses can be associated with all of the following feelings – love, timelessness, sensuality, devotion, passion, balance, beauty, faith, and honour. This flower is used to represent a great depth of feeling. However, it often comes down to the colour of the rose. 

The meaning of a red rose is very different to that of a yellow rose, for example. Therefore, when buying these flowers, you need to think about how they are being used and whom they are being given to before you make your purchase and decide on what colour roses to go for. Red roses are ideal for your partner, but what about the other colours? 

Lavender roses represent enchantment and love at first sight. Yellow roses symbolise a promise of a new beginning, delight, friendship, and joyfulness. Light pink roses are linked to sweetness, grace, gentleness and admiration while dark pink roses are a great way of saying thank you and showing your appreciation. Finally, white roses are linked with youthfulness, humility, innocence, and purity. They are also connected to happy love and are often a key feature of weddings.

What Looks Good With Roses?

You will struggle to find a flower that is more popular than the rose. Nevertheless, if you want to gift a rose to someone else, your partner, for example, then you may wish to team it with another flower for a bit of creativity and diversity. Or, if you’re looking to add a rose centrepiece to your garden, you may want to add some other flowers into the mix. After all, rose arches can transform a garden, and so it is good to consider what to pair with them. In this section, we will provide you with some suggestions on the types of flowers that can be incorporated into rose bouquets.

The beauty of roses is something that does not need any elaboration, and most people are also familiar with the heartfelt emotions that are associated with these flowers. Of course, red is the most common choice, and this is a symbol of passion and love. But, you then have yellow, which is for friendship, and pink, which is for gratitude. The only issue is that roses are so popular to the point whereby there is very little imagination involved when choosing these flowers. This is why it can be good to team roses with another type of flower. 

So, let’s take a look at a few suggestions. As roses are widely associated with love, it is always a good idea to start by teaming them with other flowers that share the same sort of meaning. Examples include white dittany, forget-me-not, gardenia, and jasmine. The combination you go for will largely depend on the colour of roses you have chosen. For instance, if you have gone for pink roses, a good idea would be to choose flowers in different shades of pink. If you have gone for the classic red roses, green leaves and white filler flowers can look beautiful.

Red Silk Roses By Numbers

Most people are aware of the connection between red roses and love. However, did you know that the number of roses you gift someone has an impact on the message being sent? Taking that into account, read on to discover everything you need to know about the numbers of roses and their meaning.

Let’s begin with one rose, which means love at first sight. In fact, it does not matter what colour you opt for, a singular rose is a representation of your utmost devotion to one person. Two roses represent union; they show that two people are madly in love with one and other. The three little words, ‘I love you’, are represented by three red roses. Six flowers not only display that you love the person, but they say that you miss them too, and, therefore, they are ideal if you want to express the need to be cherished and loved. Nine roses state your intentions to be with someone for as long as you are on this planet while ten roses tell someone that you think they are beautiful. If you want to assure someone that they are loved deeply, then you should send them 11 roses. 13 roses are quite unique, as they can either symbolise friendship or that you secretly admire someone. If you have upset your partner, you should send 15 roses to apologise. If you want to tell someone that they are always on your mind, you should go for 24 roses, symbolising 24 hours of the day. Finally, if you are planning to propose to someone, 108 roses say ‘will you marry me?’