Are you sick of comparing your garden, specifically, your grass, to your neighbour’s garden? Great news: the grass doesn’t always have to be greener on the other side! It’s normal to find faults with your own lot and compare it to somebody else’s, but with the tips we’re going to share with you here, you’ll learn how to make your own garden lush and green and the envy of all of your neighbours. Read on to learn how!

Don’t Cut Your Grass Too Short 

You may have been making this mistake all along, but it’s never too late to rectify it. Mowing a lawn too short puts stress on the grass and limits deep root growth, decreasing the grass’ ability to resist weeds, pests and drought conditions. It doesn’t look great, either! Keeping a reasonable length on your grass and mowing more frequently rather than keeping it short and mowing more frequently is the way to go. 

Fertilise Your Lawn 

Fertilising your lawn is a key step to getting it looking its best. Organic and synthetic lawn fertiliser promotes thick growth, strengthens roots and prevents invasive weeds and pests.

You want a mix of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Nitrogen is the most important nutrient for leafy growth, but you don’t want too much or it could lead to discoloration and burnt patches. 

What To Do About Less Than Perfect Areas? 

You may already have some less than perfect areas on your lawn. In this case, you need three things: patience, persistence, and sod for a quick fix. If you keep at it, these patches will improve, but using sod could help you to improve the look of it in the short term. 

woodland grass

Get Rid Of Weeds

How can you get rid of weeds when they always seem to come back? The most effective, but time-consuming thing you can do is dig out the whole root. You can also use a lawn and garden sprayer with an organic or synthetic herbicide to spray dandelions and weeds as they appear. 

Make sure you don’t rely on chemical products too much, and always read the instructions to ensure you’re using them correctly. If this is something you’re struggling to do, you could look into getting an artificial grass sample from somewhere like Artificial grass does require maintenance, but not as much as a real lawn and you won’t need to worry about weeds. 

Test Your Soil

If you want the best results imaginable, then test your soil. Soil testing is a simple process that yields big returns in thick, healthy grass growth. When you have an accurate starting point you will have a good idea of your lawn’s unique needs, as well as a good idea of how you should fix issues. The type of soil can tell you a lot about your lawn and where it is heading! 

Don’t Remove All Grass Clippings 

After mowing, you don’t need to remove all of the grass clippings. Leaving some there can help to further fertilize your lawn! 

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