Recently I had to replace my old wheel barrow. It had rusted through and the rubber wheel had perished.

I have replaced it with the EcoBarrow from Lasher Tools. Lasher Tools were established over 80 years ago in South Africa by a team of mining engineers from Sheffield. Now that their gardening tools have finally come to the UK (and not a moment too soon!) I suppose you could say the company has gone full circle!

I say that Lasher tools have come to the UK not a moment too soon because I’m fed up with the cheap rubbish gardening tools (often marketed under reputable brand names!) mass produced in the far east which look nice on the shelf but cannot handle more than a couple of sessions in the garden before breaking.

Lasher has it’s own privately owned factories in South Africa and the manufacturing quality is supreme – or just what we were used to getting thirty years ago when there were tool manufacturers in the UK!

Anyway back to the ecobarrow – I like it for the following reasons:

  • Ergonomic widely spaced handles puts less pressure on my back when pushing a full load
  • Easy to clean nylon pan – won’t rust and is very light weight
  • The wide shock absorbing tyre makes it easy to push
  • 5 year manufacturers guarantee (when was the last time you saw a 5 year guarantee – we’re all too accustomed to useless 12 month guarantees!)

Now is it the best wheel barrow in the UK? Well I haven’t tried them all so I couldn’t say for sure – but it is the best barrow I’ve used and apparently network rail have just ordered 10,000 for their workers on the railways so I leave it to you to decide 🙂