The Benefits of Artificial Lawn

Artificial lawn has been around for a long time, but it’s only been in the last few years that it has become popular. We used to hear of sports grounds and facilities adding an all-weather astroturf pitch, but it wasn’t something that many of us had in our home gardens. 

The artificial grass of years gone by wasn’t always suitable for home use. It was often expensive and quite hard. It certainly didn’t look and feel like real grass, and even though there were other benefits, most of us preferred to stick to the natural option. 

Times have changed, however. Fake grass, like many other things, has evolved. The artificial lawns from, are a far cry from what was available ten years ago. More and more families are choosing to install fake grass in their gardens at home, and it has many benefits, here’s a look at some of them. 

It Looks Great

Today’s artificial grass looks fantastic. Certainly, there are different options, and budget lawns won’t look as natural as more luxury products. But they won’t look bad. 

Artificial grass can be green, bright and healthy-looking. It can look thick and luscious, and like the best natural grass, you have ever seen. 

Even better, it always looks this good. Not only when it’s been well watered, and the weather has been good. Fake grass looks fab even in the winter, and it shouldn’t ever get overrun by weeds. 

It’s Safe for Kids and Pets

You may have worries that artificial lawn won’t be as soft as the real thing on little knees. But there’s no need. Fake grass is soft, hardy, and difficult to damage. It’s perfect if you’ve got kids or pets that love to run around outside. Read more on creating a child-friendly garden at

Artificial Grass is Easier to Maintain

Another huge benefit that appeals to many is the lack of mowing. Fake grass doesn’t grow. It doesn’t need mowing, weeding or feeding. Professional installers will add a weed membrane underneath your grass, to prevent weeds coming through. So your fake lawn might just need the occasional sweep to keep it looking great. Some people even vacuum them. 

It Could Save You Money

The lawn and installation are a cost. But, a good artificial lawn will last for a long time and need no maintenance over its lifespan. The long term costs can be much lower than those of natural turf. 

Fake Grass is Weatherproof

You won’t have to worry about mud in the winter, as fake grass doesn’t flood or hold water as a real lawn would. 

It’s Future Proof

You might not have a problem mowing and weeding now, but what about in the future? When you are older, you may not be able to bend as easily, and maintaining your garden might start to get harder. Artificial grass will be much easier to care for as you begin to age, or if you get ill or injured. 

You’ll Save Water

In the summer, water can be in short supply. Even in our rainy country, we face hosepipe bans in particularly hot years. Your fake grass never needs watering, so this isn’t something that you will have to worry about. 

More Time to Enjoy Your Garden

Less mowing, less maintenance, less cleaning mud out of your house all mean more time to enjoy your garden. 

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