The Benefits of a Skid Steer Loader for Your Landscape Needs

Have you considered the fantastic use of a skid steer loader for your landscaping needs? It has some advantages that could make your gardening more comfortable and faster.

What is a skid steer loader?


A skid steer loader, also referred to as skid loader or Bobcat, is a four-wheel vehicle that has a lifting arm and is powered by an engine. Also, it is dubbed as a “jack of all trades” because of its many applications.


A skid steer loader is like a big excavator that digs holes appropriate for use in construction. Moreover, it can carry and transport raw materials and level the ground within the job site. This loader maneuvers easily and is relatively compact in size. Because of this, it can easily access areas where big equipment is unable to. With its versatility and compact size, it is suitable for landscaping too.


The two types of skid steer loader


There are two types of skid steer loaders, namely those with wheels and others with skid steer tracks. The machines with wheels work best on even and hard ground, including concrete areas and paved terrain. On the other hand, the skid steer tracks, also known as compact track loaders, are better at handling wet and uneven terrain, such as muddy, snowy, and sandy soil. An important thing to note with the machines that use tracks is that they need regular replacement of skid steer rubber tracks, including the sprockets and bogey wheels, among others, to achieve optimum performance.


The advantages of using a skid steer loader in landscaping

The skid steer loader can be small, medium, and large-sized – and the small skid steer loader is ideal for landscaping. To give you ideas on how it could help in the garden, here are some of its benefits:


  1. Prepare the rough grade and seed a lawn

You need to grade the ground before you plant, especially if the land is uneven. This requires a lot of manual work to even the area – or a skid steer loader could be a perfect way to make the job easier.


An added benefit, the skid steer loader could also remove the old grass and weeds at their roots. This can help to condition and aerate the soil. You could then add sand and compost in layers using the skid steer loader. Once done, you are ready for planting.


  1. Irrigation installations

Skid steer loaders are great for excavating holes for irrigation pipes, which are sometimes necessary for watering plants.


  1. Digging holes for new trees

To enhance your landscape, you may want trees to complete your project. That said, you’ll probably need a skid steer loader to help prepare holes for the new trees. Instead of laboring with the excavation manually, the skid steer loader could help speed up the excavation process.


  1. Excavate footing foundation for fence posts

You may want to install a fence to border your landscape, and you need fence posts. But, first, you’ll need to excavate the foundation required for your fence posts. The skid steer loader could easily dig holes for this phase of work. Labor days are then shortened, and you could save money and ease effort.


  1. Carry sand and gravel


Building concrete fence posts will also require sand and gravel. A skid steer loader could carry the sand and gravel necessary for the posts – and it will do it quickly.


  1. Transport cut weeds for removal

When you’re done slicing off the weeds in your large backyard, you may use the skid steer loader to transport the weeds away. You may dry and compost these weeds inside compost containers for few months and then use them as fertilizer for your plants.


Indeed, a skid steer loader could help in your landscaping. You could save money for labor and at the same time speed up the process of certain phases of landscaping work.

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