Summary of Gardening Trends in 2016

Gardening trends in 2016

As 2016 begins to draw to a close, I thought it would be the ideal time to review what this year has brought to the gardening arena. What innovations, styles and designs have made an impact in 2016 and beyond. One thing that I have noticed as a keen gardener is the increasing availability of different options, in a variety of different areas. This has opened up a new range of possible styles, design concepts that only a few years ago would have not been possible. Below I have outlined what I have seen as the most useful and effective changes that have made the biggest differences.


The addition of numerous paint colour ranges available for fences, masonry and a diverse range of outdoor structures added a new dimension to many a garden this year. New hues and vibrant blends of colour brought to life otherwise staid woodwork, bringing exuberant shades and tones to the outside space of numerous properties throughout the land.

Fencing and garden structures such as sheds suddenly burst with life and colour, enabling us to enhance the style of our outdoor space.

Bringing the indoors, outdoors

chimeneaOne of the more recent trends which started several years ago but has become far more prominent and wide ranging is the desire to make out outdoor space more usable and comfortable to use whether for relaxation or dining.

What this means in real terms is that outside space is made to resemble the comfort of the inside. This has all been made possible due to the availability of external heating sources such as fire pits and chimeneas, whilst exterior style furniture such as the Rattan style, brings interior decor outside.


Managing Maintenance

With demands on our limited time at a high, it will come as no surprise that many of us look at ways of decreasing the amount of time spent on our garden maintenance. This has shown itself in terms of various elements, including the choice of plants we cultivate as well as labour and time saving devices and equipment such as irrigation systems. Careful consideration of plants, with those that require little maintenance, becoming popular is a sign of this growing trend.


Sustainable systems & features

Sustainability has long been the aim of many, however with the advent of new equipment and opportunities as well, it has really started to gain traction. For example the harvesting of rainwater, although something that many have been involved in, now people are integrating the collection of the rainwater into the design or landscape of the garden rather than using a water butt.

Sustainable materials are being incorporated more and more into garden design and structures, offering a seamless and aesthetically appealing blend which is also eco friendly.


If I could sum up an overall synopsis of the gardening trends of 2016, it would be planning. As more options have become available, the need and desire to ensure the style and design is right for us, has meant that careful planning has to be the key. That my friends is not such a bad thing….

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