Never lose another gardening tool again


As a keen gardener myself, I can personally vouch from talking to many of my esteemed colleagues who are also intrepid gardeners that losing gardening tools is an oft quoted problem for every gardener. Misplaced in the undergrowth or simply mislaid during the numerous gardening tasks, it’s an issue which thanks to some innovative yet simple ideas now has a solution.

The problem for many is quite simply that most garden tools blend into the background of the foliage and fauna of the garden. This is because the majority of garden tools utilise the similar traditional colour schemes of green and brown. However renowned manufacturer of agricultural and garden tools, Burgon and Balls latest RHS Gifts for Gardeners range addresses this problem with a simple yet effective solution that offers something a little different.

Florabrites Glowing Gardening Tools

Aptly titled Flora and Fauna, the recently launched new Florabrites range of garden implements are decorated in fluorescent pink and yellow colours with the added benefit of reflective highlights which glow when a torch or light is shone on them.

The RHS endorsed range includes all the firm gardener’s favourites such as forks, secateurs and trowels as well as a couple of new editions, the Micro secateurs and the Ergo dead header. These additions provide useful new tools for specific tasks as described in their names.

Inspiration for the idea came from visitors to this year’s RHS Chelsea flower show, who whilst perusing the stunning displays on offer, were highlighting the issue of visibility for gardening tools.

As with any form of tool, functionality is of prime importance and as such the tools deliver on this front but with the added benefit of being highly visible, meaning they are easier to find. A boon for all absent minded gardeners.