Having a small garden doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t be able to decorate it as much as you want if you have a bigger garden. In this day and age where people tend to be more imaginative and creative, people have come up with a lot of ideas in making the most out of a small space. It’s not just a small home or apartment that can be maximised by using space-saving furniture and equipment. You can also turn your small garden into an elegant and luxurious one even if it isn’t as big as you imagined it to be.

Here are some low maintenance garden design ideas in decorating your small garden without having too much concern about the size of your garden:

  1. Rule of three

The rule of three is applicable to many aspects in life including how to decorate or landscape your small garden. Keep things simple by applying the rule of three in your garden. You can do this by using three types of flowers, plants, flooring materials, construction materials, colours, etc. For example, you can use brick, wood, and stone in your garden. The garden is more manageable and more consistent by applying the rule of three.

  1. Add structures and use them as focal points

Aside from filling your garden with plants and flowers, you can also add some structures and use them as focal point for your garden. For example, you can add a swing, a garden set, a gazebo, a shed, walls, dining table, or whatever can fit into your small garden. These structures will definitely be eye-catching because they will stand out in your garden.

  1. Leave a good first impression

A well-designed garden adds to the curb appeal of your home and it also gives you a sense of joy and peace every time you look at it or every time you come home from elsewhere. There are a lot of creative ways in leaving a good first impression:

  • Display plants with flowers that complement the colour of your house or your front door.
  • Install lighting or use Christmas lights to make the walk along your garden more dramatic.
  • Include scented plants or fragrant flowers that will surely catch the attention of those who pass by your garden.
  • Put plants in crevices and between stones.
  • Add a speaker to make the garden homey. You can relax in your garden and appreciate the beauty of your garden and the plants in it while listening to your favourite music.
  1. Use hanging or vertical planters


The use of hanging or vertical planters is not just limited indoors. You can use these planters outdoors to by hanging them on the walls of your garden. Aside from allowing you to maximise the space in your garden, it is also appealing to the eyes. You can use these planters to plant herbs or spices that you add to make the taste of food even better like rosemary, peppermint, basil leaves, etc.

  1. Segment your small garden

Segment your garden by using various terrain. It will make your garden seem larger than it actually is. To have an idea on how to segment your garden, look from inside your home and check the view from there.

  1. Fill your garden with different pots

If you don’t have enough space to put grass on your garden or even a space big enough to put a flower bed, use different pots to fill your garden. Pots are easier to setup and maintain compared to flower beds. The various pots in different colours, sizes, and designs will also add art into your garden. One advantage of using pots is that you can always move the pots around to change the look and feel of your garden.

  1. Use vines to cover the walls of your garden

You can use vines like bougainvillea or ivy to cover the walls of your garden. You can also use succulents and hang them on the wall to create a living wall.

  1. Mirror the interior design of your home

For more consistency, design your garden in such a way that it mirrors the interior design of your home.

  1. Make your garden colourful

Use plants or flowers that are colourful to brighten your garden. You can even use plants with colourful flowers as a border instead of installing fences that eat up a lot of space in your yard.

You can do a DIY project to design your small garden or you could always ask the help of professional gardeners such as the gardeners in Chelmsford in designing your garden.