Simple Gardening Tips For Any Skill Level

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When it comes to gardening, some of us are gifted with green fingers, others of us need some serious help.


No matter which category you fall under, we can all do with some tips from time to time.


In general, a beautiful garden can be categorised by the fact it appeals to multiple sense at once. A mix of design, floral scent, the selection of flowers, the beautiful sounds of nature that a well-curated garden can entice. All of this leans heavily into what we enjoy and associate with relaxation.


Before you start pulling up slabs and building vegetable beds, have a drive to local gardens and make a note of the things that you particularly enjoy and what smells draw you in.


Let’s take a look at some tips to bring your garden to life with ease.

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It’s so simple really. Any garden will come bursting into life the moment those flowers start blooming. But what type do you want to see? How much time do you have to maintain them? If the answer is limited, then think about some perennials. They will come back year on year with zero fuss.


If the idea of flowers bores you a little, and it may well, then think about planting herbs. Dill, rosemary, mint, onions and chives all blossom, and serve a purpose in the kitchen too.


Grass can be a bit of a nightmare sometimes. Not only does it come with the risk of weeds, but it is also prone to sun damage and disease. A popular choice is to replace grassy areas with some artificial grass, from somewhere like New Lawn.


Something fun and eye-catching is to use a theme. Some people love to plant bulbs in old wellingtons, others use a fairy garden style broken pot with different layers. There really is no limit to what you can create in terms of themes for your garden.


You might like to paint your own terracotta pots or decorate your own mirrors. But adding these things into your garden will instantly add some interest where there was none before. It takes no effort other than placing it.


It is a perfect way to add more colour, personality and dimension to your garden quickly.


When it comes to how you place your flowers this is a very personal choice, you might like to have colours grouped together. Another thing that looks lovely is grouping the same type of flowers together but a range of different colours.


Adding height and dimension by planting large trees in the middle and then get lower and lower. This creates a focal point and an almost triangular shape that many gardens benefit from.

Feature Focus

You might choose to have a koi pond, or perhaps you have a gorgeous garden swing that will be the focus. Almost all gardens look more exciting and are more enjoyable when they have some sort of focus.


You might choose to plan a little section where everything is entirely edible, like the Willy Wonka of gardening!


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