Should You Switch Over to Composite Decking?

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Now that the days are getting longer, your attention may have been turned to your garden and the ways in which you can utilise your outdoor space better, how you can spruce up your garden, or you might even be thinking of remodelling it all together.

Whatever’s on your mind, you’ll want to think about your decking. Have you been thinking about replacing your timber decking with composite decking?

Here are some of the benefits that switching from traditional timber decking over to composite decking can have on your garden space. 

It’s a low-maintenance option 

Owners of timber decking will be all too familiar with the upkeep needed to keep your deck maintained. From removing mould and slimy substances through jet washing at least once a year to making sure the surfaces remain slip-proof and re-staining it every couple of years, the upkeep is seemingly endless.

With composite decking, it’s weather resistance means that it is virtually maintenance-free. All that’s needed is an occasional wash with soapy water to keep it looking fresh and clean. Great news if you’re after an easy to manage solution. 

It is incredibly durable 

Resistant to fading, staining, scratches and mould, composite decking is a durable option that will not rot or warp like traditional timber decking. 

It is also splinter and insect-proof making it overall more safe and comfortable option for families with small children and pets.  

Its good looks won’t fade 

With wood grain patterning and a wide range of colours available on the market, more than ever, composite decking maintains an overall natural look that is set to last. 

From earthy tones to more sleek looking greys, you have so many options to match the overall aesthetic of your garden. 

Additionally, you can also find a huge range of add-ons such as railings, gates, and fences that give a uniform, bespoke look to any garden. 

It’s the sustainable option 

While staying authentic to the look and feel of real wood, without the negative impact on the environment that using new wood can bring with it, composite decking boards are made using recycled materials such as reclaimed wood scraps and recyclable plastic from shopping bags and magazine sleeves. 

The use of these materials is much better for the environment than using timber. 

They’re anti-slip 

A much safer alternative to timber decking, composite decking provides an anti-slip finish underfoot, particularly useful when it comes to those unexpected summer showers. 

This means that they are an excellent solution to those who are more prone to falls such as small children and those who are less steady on their feet. 

It’s a cost-effective solution 

The initial cost of installing a composite deck may seem high in comparision to using a tradtional timber. However, due to the lack of maintainence needed, the cost of installing a composite deck is significantly less over time- taking into account the cost of hiring a jet wash and regularly stripping and maintaining the wood. 

Due to it’s low-maintainace nature, composite decking has little to no cost when it comes to upkeep. 

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