He Sheds versus She Sheds!!

He Sheds

In the battle of she sheds vs. he sheds, who shall rise victorious?


Man caves are so last year. Those of you who are up-to-date will have already heard of them, but the new must have garden buildings are ‘she sheds’ and ‘he sheds.’ These are not sheds with a bit of Cuprinol splashed about, oh no. These are crafted, meticulously planned, bespoke garden living spaces.


Craftspeople have been springing up from all over offering to create your very own slice of the good life, and this no longer means simple tastes and chickens! With taglines such as: “Bespoke timber garden buildings that both maximize your living space and enhance your lifestyle” from www.he-shed-she-shed.co.uk the word is out there that now is the time to get your shed on!



The possibilities are endless (said someone once)

“But why would I want a she shed or he shed?” I hear you cry. “Why wouldn’t you?” is my answer! Bars, craft rooms, and home offices are very popular and welcome additional for any home. Scratch a little deeper into this new world and you will find underground tropical houses under geodesic domes, places for meditation and retreat, and even a room for cheese making, maturing, and tasting!


What are they made of?

Wood is a pretty popular choice here. It is relatively inexpensive and easily purchased. There are however some amazing designs out there made from pretty much every material imaginable! Check out pinterest (as with everything!) to see what people are making their she sheds and he sheds from.


How much will they cost?

The sky is the limit! If you are simply customising an existing shed, you could spend under £100 on your she shed or he shed. If you are enlisting the help of designers and skilled craftspeople, then make sure your credit card can handle it! BUT – just imagine how much an extension of the same size would cost; she sheds and he sheds of any price present amazing value for money for their floor space.


What about planning permission?

As long as you don’t plan to fill your garden with a shed, then you are probably OK. There is, however, a long list of limits and conditions published by the Planning Portal and we would always recommend that you check before building your own she shed or he shed.



Here in the UK, we do love a shed. Many a joke has been told about male members of our families disappearing off to carry on with their hobbies in sheds. My own grandfather started building a train before I was born and over 30 years later he is still “just popping down to work on Bess”. If you are still unconvinced by the British love for sheds, there is even in existence the TV program ‘Shed of the Year’ which is well worth a watch if you need some inspiration. I love the program; there is something really quite wonderful about watching people getting really excited about a wooden building in their garden!


Whether you are thinking about upgrading your man cave or adding additional living space, there is a she shed or he shed out there for you to work on.

He Sheds



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3 Replies to “He Sheds versus She Sheds!!”

  1. Who took a pic of me asleep in my shed??? *joke*

  2. Ha! Marty … that’s me too! I watch the last series of Shed of the Year – loved it.

  3. I’ve seen some amazing sheds – especially at the allotment. I quite like my plain old tool shed too though 🙂

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