Renovating your garden and outdoor areas with concrete

If you are planning to renovate your home then why not also opt for a beautiful garden and outdoors. But don’t forget that outdoor areas such as the pool area, patio, terrace, garage, or driveway are equally important. Designing these well will also add value to your home.

Concrete is a cheap and stylish modern option for modelling your outdoor areas. If reinforced concrete is required (consult your architect) then Heaton has a wide scope of high quality concrete reinforcement products such as the mesh fabric that prevents wearing and deterioration over time.

Using concrete to landscape your garden will create a low maintenance home, as well as add a stylish contemporary look. Although it dates back to the Romans, concrete came into Fashion in the 1920s thanks to French architect Le Corbusier and was a key material of the modernist movement. Despite its rather rough, practical image, concrete can in fact be used to create non geometric forms, and to create luxurious modern home that are highly desirable to live in. Furthermore, concrete is cheap and environmentally friendly compared to many other materials. You can use it to model your home and then extend that design concept into the outdoor areas for a homogenous space tailored to your needs.

Your exterior is equally important as your interior

Therefore your exterior should be designed with as much care as your interior. Concrete and reinforced concrete is a great option for the pool areas, patios, terraces, garages, driveways as we stated above. 

You will enjoy the following benefits from landscaping your garden.

  • Health benefits.

You will be motivated to come outside and have the fun of playing, enjoying a barbecue, and other physical activity that is good for your health. A good garden can relieve your stress and enhance your mood.

  • It encourages family time outdoors.

A good garden or patio encourages you to spend some quality family time. A family meal, or reading a book in the garden, or a dip in the pool. The benefits of a well-designed outdoor area are enormous.

  • A landscaped exterior is good for entertaining.

Relaxed cooking for friends, a formal dinner, or a pool party with friends. A well landscaped exterior deserves to be shown off to your best friends.

  • Investment

A well designed exterior can add considerable value to your home.

Garages and driveways should be designed with practicality in mind. Security and storage are key issues. Security from theft and illegal entry is key. When designing your garage make sure you include ample storage space to relieve the storage burden on your home.

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