Vegepod Medium Raised Garden Bed with Garden Cover


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The ideal size for a starter garden. Small enough to fit in a courtyard – large enough to grow any vegetable you like. Ideal for larger balconies and townhouses.

The award winning Vegepod planters are already being used by over 50,000 worldwide gardeners, 27% of whom go on to buy another. This shows how popular Vegepod is among GYO enthusiasts.

  • All in one kit includes, Pod, Canopy and Irrigation system
  • Canopy creates micro-climate for ideal growth and protection from pests & temperature extremes
  • Self Watering – built in wicking reservoir ensures plants can last weeks without watering.

Vegepods self watering garden bed allows you to extend your growing season and offers you container gardening with minimum fuss once you have planted your vegetables. Included is a specially designed permeable canopy which allows air, rain and sunlight to enter but still provides a modicum of shade to protect your plants from the summer midday heat.

Vegepod can be used on its own or you can add a stand to allow you to convert your Vegepod into a raised bed, it comes with a choice of stand, either with wheels or without depending on your requirements.

The Vegepod is a self-watering garden bed, meaning it utilises a wicking system. The wick is the soil (or other specialist wicking medium such as perlite) that is in contact with the water in the reservoir at the base of the pod. Soil uses a capillary action to draw the water upwards keeping the soil moist. A plant’s roots will locate this moisture keeping them healthy without over watering.

This all in one kit includes a Vegepod, framed canopy with integral sprinkler irrigation system. The irrigation system needs to be attached to a garden hose which can also be attached to a timer for holiday watering. For a real “raised bed” experience you can buy a stand or trolley for your pod.

The Vegepod is modular so you can easily extend your vegepod growing space if required.

You will receive one medium vegepod planter with mesh canopy.

Stand and trolley stand sold separately.

Product Dimensions L: 100 cm x W: 100 cm
Growing Depth  26 cm
Height Including Canopy  103 cm

Vegepod medium will hold 220 Litres  (8-9 average bags)  of compost.

Vegepod has a  2 year guarantee.

Vegepod cover has a  1 year guarantee.


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