Slugless 4 in 1 Pet Safe Spiky Slug & Snail Deterrent


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SlugLess® is made from 100% Organic British Straw which has had no fertiliser or chemicals applied. Straw is a sustainable by-product of agriculture & is completely carbon neutral, regrowing annually reabsorbing carbon released from the biodegrading of the previous years crop.

Our unique production process creates a clean, easy to use pellet which expands (when wet) to create a dry, spiky surface which irritates and desiccates slugs & snails that try to cross it. Slugs & Snails quickly learn to avoid areas covered by SlugLess.

Simply water the plant then apply SlugLess pellets one layer thick in a wide area surrounding the plant (at least 5 inches out from the plant leaves).

Wet the pellets (or let the rain do it for you).

SlugLess pellets will expand up to 4 times their initial volume & can be raked to cover any gaps that have not been covered.

SlugLess will eventually create a dry, protective crust which will retains moisture & reduce the need for watering & weeding. Less watering also maintains a dry environment around plants which further deters slugs.

It is pH neutral & will bio-degrade over the season slowly releasing organic nutrients & humus back into the soil.

SlugLess offers a safe, clean & easy way to deter slugs & snails. It is kind to the environment & wildlife.

SlugLess is highly decorative with an earth tone colour (which will darken over time). Unlike wool pellets it has a clean, pleasant, earthy odour and is unattractive to dogs and other animals wishing to mask there scent.

SlugLess comes in a clean convenient pellet form, packaged in eco-friendly 3.5L recycled cardboard boxes or 10L & 30L resealable bags. It can be stored indefinitely in the dry.

Each 3.5L Box (pictured)  will cover ~10 x 10 inch round plant pots or baskets.

Each 10L bag costs £12.99 including FREE* Next Day Delivery to most GB postcodes. (*excludes Highlands & Islands) & will cover ~30 x 10 inch round plant pots/ baskets, or ~20 x 10/10 inch square planters (pictured.) 2x10L Bags costs £19.98

Each 30L bag costs £24.99 including FREE* Next Day Delivery to most GB postcodes. (*excludes Highlands & Islands) & will cover ~4 square meters 2x30L Bags costs £39.98

SlugLess recently received Kitchen Garden Magazines ‘Best Buy 2018’ for Slug & Snail Deterrents

Made from Sustainable, Organic British straw. SlugLess has no chemicals & is 100% Wildlife Friendly


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