At this time of year, we don’t always feel that motivated to get out in work in the garden. But really, it’s the perfect time to get out there and make a few key preparations ahead of spring. Because soon as the milder weather makes its way in, we all want to spend a little more time outside, especially dining al fresco. And if we do happen to have a beautiful March as we have had in previous years, the last thing you want to do is spend it working to get things up to scratch. So, over the course of the next few months, you should definitely be thinking about sprucing things up, starting with these key jobs.


Wash Everything Down


First of all, you’re going to want to wash everything down. Even though you will want to do this in springtime as well, you need to be able to see what you’re dealing with. And after a long summer, your outside dining area is likely to have got a little grubby. So dig out the jet wash and get to work. By giving everything a bit of a clean, you will then be able to identify anything that needs immediate attention. Whether it’s fixing or replacing, a good clean will identify it. Also, you will then have cleaned everything off so that it can be stored away until spring if need be.


Replace The Flooring


Next, you’re going to want to take a good look at your flooring. Because if it needs replacing, now is the time to do it. Whether you want to get decking from Hillsborough Fencing or a bunch of new patio slabs in place, now is when you need to look into it. It can take you a while to decide on what you want, rip up what you have, and get the new flooring down. And before you know it, spring will be here. So the earlier you start, the better.


Store Away Your Furniture


When you cleaned everything off, you definitely should have given your outdoor dining furniture a good wipe down too. And this now makes your next job much easier. Because you’re going to want to store your furniture away until spring so that it doesn’t get damaged. Or, depending on what you have, you may be able just to cover it. But you will need to do it now before the harsh weather really sets in.


Wrap Up The Plants


While you’re there, you should also think about wrapping up your plants too. This is something that you may have already done, but if not, you need to before full frosts come out. Protecting your plants is essential to keeping them going until spring, so don’t miss this step out.


Make A Shopping List


Finally, you’re also going to want to work out what you need to buy ahead of the spring season. Sometimes, this list will be minimal. But if you need new furniture, cooking equipment, or even cool atmospheric accessories like lights, buying them now, while it’s technically still out of season, could be a great way of saving money on what you need.