Potty Feet

There is so much innovation out there in the gardening community and one of the things I love most about visiting flower shows is spotting new innovative products. Recently most new products that I’ve seen have focused on various watering systems, so when I walked past Jardinopia’s “Potty Feet” stall I was pleasantly surprised.

At first I almost ignored the stall thinking it was simply a gift stand selling more garden ornaments but then Anthony caught my eye and called me over. Not wanting to be rude I thought I’d go and have a brief chat; and boy am I glad I did! Potty Feet provide a solution that all pot planters need – to raise the pots slightly off the ground. The reasons that your plant pots should not sit directly on the ground but rather should be slightly raised are:

  • To aid drainage and prevent water logging
  • To improve air circulation for healthy root growth
  • To minimise frost damage risk in the winter
  • To deter unwanted pests from establishing their homes under your pots
  • To prevent “pot rings” from spoiling patios, decking and indoor flooring for house plant pots

Until I discovered Potty Feet I had used various improvisations myself for raising my pots, but none were completely satisfactory. The “feet” I used were often unsightly or even those specially made terracotta feet which I bought from my local garden centre usually perished after a couple of seasons due to weathering.

Potty Feet are made from  frost resistant poly-resin, which makes them extra strong so they won’t crumble under the weight of your pots. Additionally they and are hand painted using a lead free UV light resistant product so they won’t deteriorate in the sunlight.

Potty Feet make a lovely additional feature to your potted plants – they come in all sorts of wonderful animal designs. The feet are very reasonably priced for around £15-£25 per three feet (for one pot) and they are specially presented in a beautiful printed recyclable gift box making them an ideal gift.

So Potty Feet have just solved another of my frequent gardening problems – a novel gift idea for my gardener/houseplant  friends – every birthday and christmas I have to rack my brains to find something original – well now I’ve got something which takes off the pressure for the next few seasons 🙂

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