June 21, 2018

Plant Lavender Now for Gorgeous Summer Display and Fragrance

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Lavender can be planted as a low growing hedge or in drifts, but even if you have no room for a major display you must have at least a few lavender plants in your garden as it is the backbone of the English cottage garden. The linear leaves and the mauve flowers that smother the plant in summer are often used for drying and they are the main ingredient of most pot pourri mixtures. Their powerful fragrance is so well liked that it has lent its name to so many household items, from washing powder to air fresheners to cleaning polishes.

Lavender Hidcote
Lavender Hidcote

English Lavender produce larger flowers whilst French lavender have a smaller flower but more oval shaped with protruding bracts.  To appreciate Lavender to the full , take a drive along the A149 at Heacham in Norfolk, as the road passes the fields of Norfolk Lavender, the  home of British Lavender, and from your car you will see rolling fields covered in mauve flowers. Open your window  to enjoy the overpowering scent of lavender as it wafts through the air.

The cheapest and easiest way to start your lavender collection and have this fantastic plant in your garden is with small plug plants, which can be bought at this time of the year. Lavender leaves are evergreen and the plant is frost hardy at least to down to -5o so it should overwinter well in most parts of the Britain, nevertheless I would handle the plug plants with care and would make sure to first pot them up in a totally frost free environment, as they are more susceptible to frost in their early stages. They thrive in alkaline soil and in full sun, but they will give a good display in any location with any basic soil. The lavender plant is hardly affected by disease and insects, and in the summer its flowers become a magnet to bees and other nectar seeking insects.

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