Natural Insect protection solutions that will help you to grow a happy, healthy and pest free garden

How to keep your plants happy and disease free

When it comes to keeping pesky insects and disease out of our gardens, many of us automatically turn to harsh chemicals.

But did you know that there are a whole host of natural insect protection solutions that are just as effective when it comes to ensuring that your plants are protected, happy and healthy?

After all, exposing your garden to harsh and toxic chemicals can pose an increased risk to your pets, children and even other wildlife that are an integral part of the lower end of the food chain.

We’ve created a helpful guide outlining some of the non-toxic ways that you can keep pests away from your plants without employing the use of harsh chemicals and exposing your garden to nasty chemicals.

Create effective barriers

The best way to protect your plants against pesky insects is to stop them from reaching your plants in the first place.

And there are a number of effective barriers that you can put in place in order to control and manage the influx of insects in your garden. For example, insect-proof netting is a great way to keep bugs out! It’s important to note that these tend to be most effective when used with root crops that need to be pollinated.

Copper tape

Slugs are by far one of the most annoying creatures when it comes to causing havoc in the garden. The good news is that there is an effective way to keep these slimy little pests out!

Simply tack some copper tape along the timber rims of your plant or vegetable beds or even sit copper rings around your flowering plants to deter slugs and snails. The copper rings and tape will deliver a subtle electric shock – not enough to kill them but to certainly steer them away from your plants!

Natural sprays and powders

Rapeseed oil – Rapeseed oil based products are great for suffocating insect pests by targeting their breathing holes – however, this is not an effective remedy when it comes to tackling larger bugs!

Sulphur powder – Sulphur powder is also a great solution when it comes to controlling powdery mildew on flowers and veg. Pyrethrum powders are also ideal for deterring weevils, flea beetles, caterpillars and ants from your plants.

Choose eco-friendly repellents

In recent years, eco-friendly repellents have continued to increase in popularity as more and more people choose to protect their garden against harsh and toxic chemicals.

And the good news is, they are just as effective as their toxic alternatives when it comes to deterring bugs and insects. From eco-friendly slug pellets containing harmless ferric phosphate through to non-chemical baits, there are lots of environmentally friendly remedies that you can call upon to ensure that your plants are happy and healthy.

Oh and did you know that there are a number of traditional home remedies that are also ideal for insect proofing your garden. These include using saucers of beer to trap slugs as well as spray on yucca!

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