Now that the warmer weather is here, it is the ideal time to start thinking about attracting some wildlife into our gardens. There is nothing more gratifying and relaxing than sitting outside and seeing frogs in your garden pond, birds flying  around collecting food, and bees and butterflies buzzing around your plants. Animals add that extra character and life to the space and can also help keep your garden healthy for longer too. To help attract animals into your garden this year, here are some things you can do.


Feed the birds


The first thing you can look into on a site like Garden Line is landscaping the garden to give you more room for bird feeders and houses too. Birds always need a little extra help with food, so if you can provide them with a feeder or two in the back garden it will keep them coming back and make sure they stay healthy. Adding a bird box in your garden can also attract mating couples, and with luck you will be able to see the fledglings as they develop into adults!


Grow your grass

Although a long lawn might be pretty annoying to look at, it can be a crucial living space for some of the more delicate species who inhabit your garden. Butterflies, insects and even some species of plant will use the garden as a perfect place to breed and stay safe during the long winter. Give it some time in the spring before you mow it for the first time to give insects and butterflies the chance to leave.


Install a pond


If you want a garden full to the brim with wildlife, a pond is an absolute goldmine for you to take advantage of. A pond will allow species like frogs, toads, nets along with lots of insect species to breed and thrive in your space. All you will need to start with is a hole in the ground, a pond lining and some stones to help the animals get in and out. You can then ask a friend or family member to let you take some frog spawn to get your started, and the rest will come naturally over time.




In the garden there are certain plants which bees and butterflies will love and will be attracted to throughout the year. Plants like a large buddleia, hydrangeas, lilac, fruit trees and tons more provide a perfect food source for these creatures. You can even find a butterfly and bee seed mix for the garden to make sure that they have the perfect place to go.




One of the great ways you can attract more small creatures into the garden is by installing a compost bin. You will be able to use this to throw out old plant waste, fruits and vegetables, paper and other biodegradable substances. The great thing about this is that you can then use this natural compost in your garden for free.


A hole in the fence


One of the most fragile species in our gardens in the humble hedgehog. If you want to make things easier for hedgehogs throughout the year, leave a small gap in the bottom of the fence in one corner of your garden. This will allow them to come in and out and collect the food they need to survive.