Low maintenance garden design ideas

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For many of us, the garden is a haven, within which we spend many hours toiling with various elements to create a sanctuary of colour, smells and aesthetic appeal. However for some, although the desire is there, the will may not be for a variety of reasons. That is when people look at how to cut down on the overall maintenance of their gardens. Surprisingly enough there are quite a few things that can be done to drastically cut down on the amount of work required in your garden. In essence the rule to follow is “cut down on the amount of maintenance by reducing areas of high maintenance”


One of the most frequently touted ideas is to cut down on the amount of lawn that needs to be regularly maintained. It is fair to say that the lawn area is one of the areas that requires the most maintenance.


When you consider the regular mowing, seeding and weeding as well as watering its no surprise that this area of the garden is the one that most people tend to look to reduce. However in some ways it is also the most appealing element of a garden. So what can you do if you want the aesthetic appeal of a lawn but not the maintenance?


The answer lies in a relatively recent innovation – Artificial grass

Artificial Grass

In days gone by, artificial grass or lawn was something that was mentioned in footballing circles, the artificial pitches of yesteryear, however now these options are now available to the masses with many carpet retailers offering affordable artificial lawn as a standard product.


What other options are there? Well the usual suspects include




A firm favourite with many a family, decking offers a viable solution and one which also adds to the appeal of the garden. Raised decking area makes the ideal retreat for dining alfresco, or for the surround of a hot tub. In terms of maintenance, usually a clean with a jet wash and a coat of preservative annually will suffice.


Decorative stones & Paving


Decorative stones now come in so many variations that it is easy to see why they have become so popular. The key to using stones is to ensure that the relevant area is prepared properly, and that means digging out to a sufficient depth and using weed suppressant otherwise all the time your trying to save will be spent on weeding the stone area.


When it comes to planting, the most effective way to reduce time is to plant easy care plants. That may sound like an obvious idea, but its surprising how much time and effort is required to maintain some plants. The mainstay of easy plants are typically plants such as cordyline and other small palms which keep their colour all year round but actually require very little maintenance


Install automated irrigation systems

Garden sprinkler

Another recent innovation that has started to take off, are automated irrigation or watering systems. These easy to use options simply require setting up wherever you need them, and then connecting to the outside tap. Admittedly the main work involved is in the set up, but once done, a timer switch is included with many systems, which turns the water on and off as required.


As with anything with careful preparation and forethought it is possible to minimize the amount of time spent maintaining your garden and more time enjoying it.


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3 Replies to “Low maintenance garden design ideas”

  1. Automated irrigation … now there is a time saver I could do with!!

  2. I can’t imagine using artificial grass!! But yes, I agree with G ^^ I would love a bit of automated irrigation!

  3. I love evergreen shrubs – no/not many leaves to pick up!!

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