Landscaping is the art of creating an aesthetically appealing garden that is also functional. The elements of landscaping can include a wide and diverse array of features including plants, stones and rocks, trees and structures. When it comes down to landscaping some will choose to pay a professional to design and create a landscaped garden, however for those who fancy having a go themselves, by following a few simple tips, its possible to end up with a fantastic result. Below we list a few landscaping tips and tricks to help you on your way in your landscaping journey….


All year round?

One of the initial points to remember is when considering landscaping keep in mind that it should incorporate design for all year round. So what this means is planning for your garden in all four seasons. Plan for colour, aesthetic appeal all year round rather than simply for a few months of the year. Also landscaping is about creating an area that contains multiple elements, not simply plants.


Plan for access

Access into and around your garden is one of the key elements. If any form of exterior building work, or anything requiring heavy machinery is required, then obviously access is critical. Additionally, when designing the landscape, creating walkways and access areas enables you and your guests the opportunity to view areas of interest. Which brings us on to the next point….


Create sections within the space and focal points

Landscaping tips and tricks

One of the principle aims of landscaping is to offer aesthetic appeal and interest. Breaking the area down into sections, all of which are different in their own right, means that you can create different focal points, each with their own specific interest. This may include elements such as large rocks, water features or a berm. Whatever you choose to add, by breaking it down into manageable sections, the complete task becomes easier.


Create movement and reduce curves

For those who are unaccustomed to landscaping, a frequent problem is curves and there use. Straight lines and curves can compliment each other but too many curves can make the area seem over designed. Also following on from the previous point about creating focal points, nothing attracts the attention like movement, a wind chime, a fountain or something similar will help to attract attention. Border the area with colour and it becomes an enigmatic focal point to be proud of.



When it comes to plants, the most difficult element is to know where and what to plant in certain areas to enhance the overall look. If your looking for colour all year round then planting evergreens in amongst flowers is the way to go. Ferns and a perennial favourite and one which requires little maintenance. When designing plant area, consider using a diverse array of plants that provide not only colour but also height and depth.


Overall the key is to design your landscape to suit your own requirements. Take into account the amount of maintenance that will be required. If looking for low maintenance then use hardscaping such as decorative stones and decking more so than lawn areas. Its your space and you know what it is you enjoy, do your research, visit other gardens, look them up on the internet to get ideas. Think carefully and plan ahead. Follow these steps and you won’t go far wrong!


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