Did You Know About Nest Box Cameras?

Nest Box

Nest box cameras

Over the last few years, the technology involved in the cameras used in nest boxes has come down in price, making them an increasingly affordable addition to your garden.

It is thought that around 60 species of birds are using nest boxes in gardens in the UK; who knows what you might see using one in your garden?! With a nest box camera you won’t even have to be by a window to see the residents’ comings and goings. Via a computer screen, it is now possible to see the nest building in progress, the eggs being laid, and the chicks hatching! The technology at the moment will allow for quality video streamed to your TV. With hours of enjoyments and amazing close-ups, nest boxes really do provide a lot of excitement for everyone!

Wired or Non-wired

  • Wired: these camera systems are the easiest to install, many being ‘plug and play’. They are not affected by reception problems.
  • Non-wired: these are still in the ‘premium’ price range. Having a non-wired camera means that you wont have to play with cables to set everything up, or have to have a dedicated socket to plug the cables into your computer or TV screen.

Nest box cameras give us the perfect way to get up close to the nature in our gardens without disturbing anything. The wildlife is free to carry on with their lives and we can watch them; fascinated and glued to our screens. What a unique insight into the hidden world of wildlife in our gardens and with nest boxes with cameras starting at around £50 at the moment, they are also coming into the ‘gift’ price range.

How to attract birds to your garden

It’s all very well having a next box and camera set up in your garden, but what if the birds are not coming? Here are a few suggestions for plants that are known to attract birds in a garden.

Native plants

Native plants attract garden birds because of the insects that live in and around them – the perfect food for chicks once they have been born as well as smaller bird species, such as tits.

  • Holly: the perfect bird-friendly plant. It provides cover for small birds who use its prickly evergreen leaves to hide in. The holly also provides a great source of food in its berries.
  • Hawthorn: this is a great plant when grown as either a hedge or a tree. The Hawthorn is home to lots of small caterpillars – perfect for parent birds feeding small chicks.
  • Dogwood: This native shrub looks great in a garden all year round. Many birds of all shapes and sizes enjoy the berries of the Dogwood. 


There are many non-native shrubs and trees whose produce all of the garden birds enjoy eating.

  • Pyracantha Orange Glow: as well as providing shelter for small birds with its’ spikes, the pyracantha also grows orange berries that the birds love to eat, and in the spring grows white flowers that attract small insects; the perfect plant to encourage birds all year!
  • Berberis darwinii: another spiky plant, the orange flowers of the Berberis will attract insects to your garden and the birds eat the blue berries in the spring.
  • Malus: it’s not just humans that enjoy apples! By growing an early eating apple, you will attract the birds that feast on them; make sure you pick what you want to eat first though!
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3 Replies to “Did You Know About Nest Box Cameras?”

  1. Wow – I never knew about these – they look really cool – have just seen these for sale on ebay – has anyone got any experience with them?

  2. They are brilliant. I set one up a few years ago and my kids have loved watching the birds coming and going. We actually had eggs and chicks last year!!!
    Well worth the money. I went with a wired one and am more than happy with that decision – plugged it all in and that was it.


  3. Hey Srenfa,

    Did you buy one? Which type did you choose?


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