Growing your own fruit, vegetables and flowers on an allotment is an enjoyable and highly satisfying experience – nothing quite beats harvesting and eating the fruits of your labour and there is nothing quite so sweet tasting as the produce over which you have sweated and toiled for many months.

However there is one particularly irksome side to allotmenteering, and no, I’m not going to talk about weeds – weeding is part and parcel of gyo and can be highly enjoyable when done properly. What really is a pain is keeping the plants watered especially during extended hot and dry periods such as we are experiencing now.

You get home from work after a long hot day in the office and have to rush off to the allotment which may be a round trip of almost an hour. You get to the allotment desperate to water your wilting thirsty tomato plants but you still have to wait half an hour until your neighbour finishes with the hose.

The scenario I’ve described above has destroyed many a GYO enthusiast. However I’ve discovered an ingenious solution – the Irrigatia Solar Powered Automatic Watering System.

This fantastic invention has changed my life – I no longer have to rush to my allotment every day just to water my crops – the Irrigatia system does it for me. I’ve also installed one at home to water my patio pots which as well as saving me time, uses about 90% less water than conventional watering.

Briefly; the system uses a solar rechargeable battery powered pump which draws water out of your water barrel and pumps it to your plants via a pipe and dripper irrigation system. The pump has an inbuilt sensor which will water more or less depending on the weather. I found it very easy to assemble – I put up a C12 system on one of my vegetable beds and greenhouses in a little over an hour.

I also add a soluble fertiliser to my water source so that as well as getting watered, my plants are also getting well fed.

There are a few different systems available depending on how many plants you want to keep watered.

  • SOL-C12 – powers 12 drippers
  • SOL-C24 – powers 24 drippers
  • SOL-C60 – powers 60 drippers
  • SOL-C120 – powers 120 drippers
  • SOL-C180 – powers 180 drippers!