Introduction to Charles Dowding’s weekly advice

Introduction to Charles Dowding’s weekly advice Logo March 16

I want to help you garden more efficiently and successfully, with the advice of my experience based on 35 years of successful gardening, for vegetables, flowers and fruit trees.

I have assembled a massive resource base of advice, on You Tube (1,200,000 views), my website and in my nine books.

My best discovery has been that a no dig approach gives great results, as well as saving time. For less work and effort you enjoy higher yields, gorgeous blooms and less weeds.

Last autumn I distilled my experience into an illustrated book of 168 pages. One quarter is in diary format with space to write, the other three quarters is advice to save you time and work. The diary part is perennial (no days of the week) so it’s for re-using every year. Details here.

You can buy it from my website and readers of this website can enjoy a £4 discount by entering code JH17 when paying. You will rapidly redeem your investment. This code will be valid until 31.03.17

Review of Charles Dowding’s Vegetable Garden Diary, in Kitchen Garden Magazine February 2017

“Charles Dowding is renowned for his no-dig approach to growing and the benefits it brings in saving money, less weeding, plant health and harvests for all seasons. This spiral bound book is a ‘diary’ of sorts, but that only tells half the story as it is also packed with tips, guidance and nuggets of gardening wisdom on various aspects of growing fruit and veg. From care of the soil to making compost to how to manage individual plants, this book is structured chronologically month by month, as you would expect.

It starts with March – one of the busiest months in the gardening year – and ends in February. Each month has a page for notes in diary format, so you can add your own notes as an aide memoire perhaps to look back on in subsequent years. The diary pages are interspersed with well-illustrated pages of practical advice. Definitely one to have by your side as the growing year unfolds.

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  1. Sounds great, Charles. Thanks for the offer code!

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