While the UK is still enduring the cold winter months, budding gardeners are thinking about how they can begin preparing their garden for the upcoming warmer months. The harsh winter weather will have affected your garden in many ways, and if you’re wondering how to make your life easier come the springtime, as well as giving your garden the TLC it needs, then take a look at these tips on how to prepare your garden for the spring of 2021!

Rake leaves and debris

Over the past few months it’s very likely that leaves and debris have made their way into your garden. Take some time to rake everything into a pile to clean up your garden. You can use natural waste such as leaves and twigs on your compost heap, and any other debris can be thrown away. You’ll be amazed at how much better your garden already looks!

Buy your fertiliser

If the cold weather has killed off your grass, or you’re looking to achieve a fuller, greener lawn this year, then now is the time to buy your fertiliser ready for the springtime. Did you know that you can buy fertiliser from The Grass People for all of the seasons? Treating your lawn come springtime will help you achieve a beautiful grassy area come the summertime when it’s warm enough to sit out.

Pick out weeds

Weeds are the bane of any gardener’s life, and over the winter months your garden will have no doubt obtained a few. Picking them now prevents them from seeding or growing a large root, and will give you less work to do come the springtime when you’re in your garden a bit more. Your soil is likely to be much more moist than in the summertime, making it much easier to pull weeds now.

Prune summertime flowers

Now is the perfect time to begin pruning your summertime flowers that bloom around June to August time, so grab your pruning scissors and give your summertime flowers a chance to look more beautiful than ever this year. 

Check your hedges and bushes for damage

Your hedges and bushes may have kept their leaves over the winter time, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be any damage caused by the cold winter weather. Inspect your hedges for any broken, dead or weather damaged branches and cut them back if necessary. Come springtime your hedges will begin to grow back as lush and green as ever.

Jet wash your decking

Over the winter your decking will have endured rainfall, debris and possibly snow which could cause the surface of your decking to become slimy and slippery. To avoid any falls and injury come the warmer months, buy or borrow a jet washer to give your decking a deep clean. You may also want to re-varnish your decking to keep it strong and looking great.

Finally, don’t forget to top up your bird feeder! In the cold winter months, birds may struggle to find food – so give them a helping hand!