Get your Garden Shed in Order with these Top Tips

A shed is very often a gardener’s retreat – providing the perfect space to store away all of their gardening tools, equipment, and paraphernalia. But with so many tools and other gardening items, it’s easy to find your shed descending into a crowded, cluttered, and messy space.

As well as being stressful and frustrating, a messy shed can also mean that you spend a lot of your precious gardening time searching for your tools or worse still, replacing equipment that you know is in there…somewhere!

So, here are our top tips for organising your garden shed…

Clear out

If your shed is looking a little cluttered and messy, the first step to recovery is to take everything out (yes, we mean everything!) and sort it into two piles – things you need to keep, and things you can throw away (get rid of anything broken, anything you haven’t used for 2 years, and anything that’s out of date). Reducing the amount of ‘stuff’ in your shed will instantly reduce clutter and over-crowding.

Spring clean

Once you’ve taken everything out of your shed, it’s the perfect time to complete a thorough spring clean.

Start by checking for any signs of damage or water entry, before giving everything a quick once over. Before you know it, you’ll have a clean, fresh space ready to re-stock with all your gardening equipment.

Integrate some cabinets

Cabinets will instantly transform your shed, creating the perfect space to store and organise all of your tools and other gardening items.

Whether you invest in some pre-made cabinets or build them yourself, simply hang them up or position them on the ground, store everything neatly away, and your shed will be looking clean, tidy, and organised in no time at all. You’ll also save lots of time looking for your tools and gardening equipment as everything should have its own, dedicated space.

Create storage on your walls

In addition to integrating cabinets, you can also modify your shed’s walls in order to create plenty of storage space for smaller tools. There are a whole host of ways you can do this, including:

– Velcro – Nail lengths of Velcro to your shed’s walls, and then attach the opposite side to your tools. You’ll then be able to effortlessly hang your tools on the wall – making them easy to locate whenever you need them!
– Hooks – Another way to utilise your wall space is to hammer some hooks in slightly above knee height. Then, take some bungee cords and hook them to the wall (you need to create relatively strong tension). You will then be able to use the bungees to store your tools flat against the wall.
– Peg board – Peg board is ideal for storing your tools and gardening equipment on your walls. Simply get some hooks and insert them into the relevant peg holes, you’ll then be able to hang smaller tools from the peg board. To store nails, screws, and other small items, you can even hang a small box from your peg board.