How to Grow the Perfect Vegetable Patch in Your Own Garden, and Why it’s Worthwhile

It’s something that a lot of people find themselves wanting to do, but they’re not overly sure how to start. Growing your own vegetables in your back garden is a commitment, that will take you a little bit of time every day, but the results and rewards are endless. Not only are you able to grow and eat your own produce so that you’re saving money on the shopping, but it’s also economically friendly. Most shop-bought fruit and veg is wrapped in plastic, therefore by growing your own you’re ultimately reducing your plastic usage. But how can you get started, and make sure your vegetable patch thrives?

Choose the Right Soil

It is crucial that for the longevity of your vegetable patch’s life, you ensure you’re planting in fertile, good quality soil. If you can, invest in some loose soil that contains a lot of compost. If you can’t buy this readily, make sure that you fertilise the soil before you start planting.  Soil is the foundation of your vegetable patch, and without it, nothing will grow. Therefore, in order to grow good quality veg, you’ll need good quality soil. It’s just common sense!

Pick Your Placement Carefully

In order to flourish, your vegetable patch will require a good level of sunlight – so make sure that you plot it in an area that has access to plenty of the sun! Your vegetable patch will need as much as five or six hours of sunlight per day in order to remain healthy, so ensure that they’re planted in a sunny patch in the garden – shade will do nothing for them.

Plan Your Patch – or Patches – in Advance

If you’re an experienced gardener, you’ll know that this is vital. If not, you’ll soon learn. Generally, each individual bed should be planted at least thirty centimetres from one another, so that when it does come to picking time, you’ve got plenty of space – and also so they don’t grow over the top of one another. They’ll require space in order to thrive. You may also want to form a planting schedule, where you can plan ahead when you’ll be harvesting what, and when you’ll want to plant new seeds.

Choose the Right Seeds

It goes without saying that if you’re not choosing the right seeds, you won’t be getting the right results. If you’re a beginner, you can actually purchase small and already sprouted plants, so it takes this first bit out of the equation for you. This is a great way of learning what different vegetables require in order to grow effectively. This is particularly useful with tomatoes and cucumbers, which can be difficult to grow well from seedlings.

So, why is it Worthwhile?

Chances are if you’re interested in planting your own vegetable patch, you’ll want to know all about the benefits and why it’s worthwhile before you invest your time and money into it. The benefits actually far outweigh the time, money and effort that you’ll be putting in, and here are just a few of them:

  • As previously mentioned, it’s good economically. Not only do you save yourself money on veg on your weekly shop, but especially if you live in a family, it’ll reduce your plastic consumption as a household massively. You can choose veg dependent on the season, and grow it as you like. It’s definitely bound to help your budget!
  • If you have kids, it can be a great family project. For some reason, kids are always saying how much they hate vegetables, and if yours is the same, growing your own could help. By making it a family project and getting your little ones involved in the choosing and planting of vegetables, it’ll actually encourage them to eat them if they know they’ve grown it themselves. No more dinner time arguments – that’s reason enough to make it worthwhile!
  • It will give your garden an edge. Growing your own produce is becoming increasingly popular because of the eco-friendly aware times we are living in. This means your home will ultimately be more desirable, and if for example you’re selling your home on quickly with a company such as chances are your little vegetable patch will attract more interest to your home overall.
  • Last, but certainly not least, it’s actually just good for you – and that’s not only the consumption of the veg itself. By dedicating yourself to looking after your vegetable patch, you’ll ultimately be more active and getting more fresh air, and this is great for both your physical and mental wellbeing – not to mention the satisfaction you feel when you sit back at the end, and look at what it is you’ve produced.
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  1. I am wanting to grow fruit and vegetables with my 5 year old. I know I have left it late but what seeds can I sow in July?

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