Top Garden Design Tips for 2016

The design of your garden is important. The layout, styling and use of available space defines the garden itself. But for many people the simple premise of how to design their available outside space eludes them. Creating a specific well thought out design ensures that your garden does exactly what you want it to do. Below you will find the key questions and steps that you should take that will ensure your garden design does exactly what you want it to do.

Define the main purpose of the garden

The most important question. If like most people, the garden needs to be multifunctional, and provide various elements, then the key is to prioritise which areas of the garden should be set aside for each specific style. This is where a plan of the outline of the garden to scale is useful. Measure the space that you have available and then create a scaled outline plan of the garden. Once completed its time to then decide on specifics, and allocate areas taking into account the budget you have allocated for the task. The decisions are then based on:

Do you want a low maintenance or high maintenance garden?

This will define the type of style of the garden and the types of plants that are used. Elements such as mobility come into play, because when planning a garden, typically apart from the actual initial construction of the various elements, the ongoing maintenance of the whole space needs to be considered. For example low maintenance usually means less or no lawn area, stoned and paved areas being prominent, and the use of potted plants within planters. Consider not only your current requirements but also future requirements, 5 and 10 years ahead.

Do you want a lawned area?

Considered by many to be the most popular element of any garden. If your looking for a low maintenance garden, then possibly a lawn is not the best choice or even the option of artificial grass as a lawn should be considered. Lawns typically require regular maintenance such as cutting and weeding, so consider if it is right for you.

Do you want decking?

Decking has become the most popular form of structural addition over recent years. Used to provide a suitable area for dining, relaxing and general entertaining, decking offers a multitude of benefits. Its simple to construct and maintain, with generally a replenishment or coat of preservative every year or two sufficient to keep it in tip top condition.

Do you need a patio area

Not everyone likes to have decking, some prefer the traditional patio area, with decorative slabs providing a patio area which can be used for anything including alfresco dining. Some people choose to have both a patio area and a decked area, which dependent upon the available space, may well be an option.

Do you need a covered area

Taking into account the uncertainty with the weather, especially as it always seems to occur during an outside event such as a party, a covered area may well be a sound choice. The type of covering used to cover an area will depend on the location of the area and prevailing weather conditions. A wooden style gazebo which is permanently fixed in position offers the ideal option but can be expensive, whilst a canvas cover held in place with various anchor points may well be the most suitable dependent upon the levels of wind in the area. Pop up fabric gazebo’s offer a viable alternative when temporary cover is only required and are a cost effective option.

Do you require any outside storage

One of the most popular elements of any garden will be the garden shed. Used a means of storage, it is in many ways an essential part of any garden. Garden tools, lawn mowers and various other garden implements need to be stored somewhere and the garden shed is the usual location.

Want to grow your own vegetables/plants?

For those who like to grow their own vegetables and plants in general, a greenhouse is essential. There are now a huge array of differing styles available with smaller versions using plastic sheeting up to the larger style glass greenhouse. Take into account the additional cost of heating when considering a greenhouse as this can be somewhat expensive in terms of general running costs.

Additional Garden Design Elements

When designing a garden, there are often additional elements which are missed but which need to be taken into account. This includes things such as lighting, the costs of the plants and also regular maintenance costs. In terms of lighting, this can make a huge difference to the ambience of the garden. Lighting is an important element and needs to be carefully considered to provide the desired feel.

When it comes to designing a garden the key point is to take your time. Gardens usually evolve over time, as long as you have a plan of action and the preparation in place, the choices you make at the start may well change as the garden is taking shape.