Your garden can be so much more than a large patch of grass that is difficult to maintain. It can be so much more than a pretty picture to look at. Your garden deserves to be functional. If you don’t work functionality into your design, then you doom yourself to never using it. Knowing what will get you outdoors and enjoying your little piece of greenery is the first step to creating a garden that is both beautiful and functional.

The second is to follow this guide.

The Best Ways to Add Function to Your Garden

Adding function to a garden gives you many different ways in which to use it. Here are just a few of the most popular ways to help you get more use out of your property:

1.     Add a Garden Office

Garden offices can be used for so many different reasons. You can use it as the ultimate reading nook. You can make it into your at-home office. You can use it for your passion projects or even for storage.

With a beautiful design, proper insulation, and electricity, your garden office can be used year-round, providing you with a little oasis in which to enjoy the natural beauty of your garden.

Check in Advance if You Need Planning Permission

Generally speaking, you don’t need planning permission, as a garden office is usually considered to be a permitted development. There are exceptions to this, but so long as the building is small, contained, and doesn’t take up more than 50% of your garden area, you should be in the clear. Always do check, however, both with the garden office provider and with local regulations, in order to ensure that you can add your garden office without prior approval.

Design Your Garden Around Your Office

You want your garden to work in harmony with your garden office, so when designing or looking to update your plant design, include the garden office – even if it hasn’t been installed yet.

2.     Add an Outdoor Patio

Another great way to get you outdoors during the summer is with an outdoor patio. Enjoy an at-home beer garden, where you can have breakfasts, lunches, and even dinners outside, by yourself or with others.

3.     Add a Water Feature

Many people don’t head out into their rear garden during the winter, which is why a spa or a water feature, such as a hot tub, is a great way to ensure that you get more use out of your garden during this time. Other water features, including ponds or fountains, can add a soothing effect to your garden. Both will help you to relax at home.


How to Add These Functional Elements Harmoniously

Due to their size when planning a floorplan (so-to-speak) of your garden, you will want to prioritize the functional elements first. From there, you can decide on the types of trees, bushes, and flowers that you will want to install.

You don’t have to put too much effort in this right away. The beauty of a garden is when it is built up organically and over time. For now, a good way to start is to focus on privacy. If you want to relax in your garden in solitude, then adding trees or bushes along the perimeter will allow you to get more enjoyment from your garden.

Build on this initial design as you go, slowly adding potted plants, new flowers, and so on, in order to create the ultimate dream garden for your home.