How to Attract Wildlife into your Garden

Make your Garden Wildlife Friendly & Attract more Visitors

There are a number of different things that people can do in order to attract wildlife into their garden. Dedicated gardeners are aware that they are at the frontline of the battle to preserve nature. There are a lot of simple things that can be done to help to preserve nature.

One of the first things that you could think about doing is to make a nesting area that will be attractive to lacewings and ladybirds. This nesting area can be created using a bundle of cow parsley stems or bamboo which can be paced in a crack on a wall or a nook in a tree.

Turn Your Old Shed into a Spot wildlife will Love

Preserving old sheds and walls can also help to encourage wildlife into your garden. The spaces that are underneath old roofing tiles can be ideal for making holes which can be used for red mason bees and they will find it easier to make their nest in soft mortar and bricks. The red mason species of bees will pollinate any fruit trees that are in located in the garden. These bees will also help to attract other species of bees and wasps as they will drill holes into the timber in areas that get the sun and this provides a good area for the other species to lay their eggs.

Building a log pile can also be a great way of creating biodiversity which can provide an ideal habitat for amphibians, small mammals and a range of different small insects. If a tepee shaped log pile is included as part of this log pile it will also help to attract hedgehogs. If you are planning on burning this log pile at any point it is very important to take time to check for wildlife.

Make use of Tress to Attract Wildlife

If you have at least one tree in your garden when the leaves fall in the autumn just let them gather in a shady corner in the garden. This pile of damp leaves will create a perfect habitat for toads, frogs, slug eating centipedes and newts. All of these animals will thrive on the decaying leaves. Any dead wood on the tree will provide ideal habitats for invertebrates, birds and bats.

If you have space in your garden you could perhaps consider building a pond. A pond is a very useful element for wildlife, however it is important to have shallow edges as this will allow easy access for newts and frogs. There is a large range of pond plants that you could include in the pond these are an ideal method of providing shelter for a range of creatures including newts and frogs. The pond will need to be kept clean and algae should be removed as this can release harmful chemicals.

A garden fence is an ideal way to keep unwanted intruders out, however if you want to encourage frogs and hedgehogs into your garden you will need to remove a small section of the fence so that they can get access. If you are worried about foxes or badgers getting in then just make a space that is about the size of a compact disc case.

These are only a few of the things that you can do to attract wildlife into your garden, as the list is endless. What you want to do will greatly depend on the type of wildlife that you want to attract.

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