How to Attract Ladybirds into Your Garden

Would you like to attract more Ladybirds in your Garden?

There are a lot of gardeners especially organic gardeners who would like to attract ladybirds into their gardens. Having ladybirds in the garden will help to eliminate the destructive pests that can be found in the garden which include mites, scale and aphids. It is easy to attract these lovely little creatures into your garden once you know how.

How to attract more Ladybirds

One of the easiest things that you can do to encourage ladybirds is to provide them with suitable food in your garden. The diet of a ladybird consists of two main things and these are pollen and pest insects. They need to have both of these food sources in order to survive and they will certainly be attracted if these are available in abundance in your garden.

There are several plants that ladybirds are attracted to for their pollen and these include Caraway, Angelica, Fennel, Marigold, Chives, Calendula, Cilantro, Cosmos, Dill, Feverfew, Statice, Sweet Alyssum and Yarrow. The blooms on these plants tend to have flat flowers which act like a landing pad. These flowers also tend to be white or yellow in colour.

Another thing that you will need to do in order to get ladybirds into the garden is to ensure that there are enough bugs for them to eat. Although it may seem counterproductive leaving the pests and aphids alone in the garden the ladybirds will come and take care of the problem. It may be helpful to have some plants that will act as decoys as these will attract the aphids therefore keeping the desired plants free from pests. There are a few plants that can be used as decoys and these are Early cabbage, Radish, Marigold and Nasturtium, which is a favourite of aphids.

There is a third thing that you can do to encourage ladybirds into your garden and that is to eliminate the use of insecticides in the garden. Insecticides are dangerous for ladybirds and it can actually kill them in the same way as they will kill other bugs.

If you are not having any luck attracting the ladybirds into your garden it is possible to purchase some and release them into the garden. If you do opt for the purchased ladybirds then it is best to let them out at either dusk or dawn. You can purchase them online; a good place to buy is

Keeping Ladybirds in your Garden

Once you manage to attract the ladybirds into your garden you will probably want to keep them there. In order to keep the ladybirds in your garden you will need to make the garden attractive for the creatures, which means having plenty of food, water and shelter.

Once the ladybirds have settled they will lay eggs, which will then mean more ladybirds. Bearing all of these ideas in mind will make it possible to attract and retain ladybirds in your garden. If you follow the ideas and put some effort into it you will soon be attracting ladybirds in your garden.

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