How Can You Run A Garden If You’re Short On Time?

We seem to have less and less time in the modern world. With our always-on, digital culture, the world seems to have sped up and we all seem to be constantly busy. While many of us find the antidote to this in reconnecting with the natural world through our gardens, sometimes it can seem as if we don’t have enough time even for this simple pleasure. If you have a sizeable plot, or even just one with a lot of variation in it, finding time for maintenance when life gets busy can seem hard. So what is a time-pressed gardener to do to keep their plot in shape?

Keep Your Plans Modest

If you know you have a busy time. coming up – a demanding job, kids on the way or even something like an illness to recover from – it’s better to keep your gardening plans fairly modest. Now is probably not the time to establish a vegetable garden, install a water feature or get interested in topiary. Aim for something a little more low-maintenance that isn’t going to give you a lot of stress. If you have a large plot, you could even looking into re-wilding a section of your garden and creating a natural habitat for the local wildlife. Or if you have a large lawned area, then look into sourcing a petrol mower from a specialist supplier such as Mowers Online to help lighten the load. Aim to build a garden which complements your lifestyle and the amount of time you have to invest. Look at what you could change to make your outdoor spaces easier to manage – after all, gardening should be enjoyable above all else.

Minimise Your Lawn Space

Even the most dedicated gardeners rarely relish mowing the lawn – in fact, it has to count as one of the most hated gardening jobs for most of us. So if you find that most of your precious gardening time is getting eaten up cutting the grass, make a plan to minimise your lawn space. Either increase the amount of land given over to planting, or allow some parts of the lawn to turn to meadow by growing them long and adding wildflowers into the mix for a bit of colour and to encourage bees, butterflies and birds to visit. You could add mowing strips around the edge of the lawn so you don’t have to mess around with a strimmer keeping the borders neat – either plastic lawn edging strips or a row of traditional bricks can help you out here. If the issue is more that you live in a warm, drought-prone climate and you spend a lot of time watering the lawn during the summer, it may be time to invest in an automated sprinkler system if permissible, and you can also try feeding the lawn with a fertiliser in autumn to promote stronger roots and hardier, more drought-resistance grass. Still not low maintenance enough? It is possible to replace grass entirely with something like creeping thyme or chamomile instead – it gives a splash of green and is almost completely no maintenance, but it tends to be suited only to smaller, more shaded spots.

Bag Up Your Vegetables 

If you’ve always wanted to start growing organic vegetables, then you don’t need to establish a full plot to get going if time is an issue. Perhaps you have poor soil that you simply don’t have time to improve, or maybe space is limited. Either way, growing some vegetables in a bag can give you a lot more options and save some serious time. Get some good quality potting soil and transplant some small vegetable seedlings across, laying the bag down on the floor and cutting out a large hole on the top side, and some at the bottom for drainage. You can plant herbs, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, peas and lots more in this way. Water them regularly and you have a very low maintenance way to keep a vegetable garden going. 

Make Weeds Easier To Control 

nother gardening task that a lot of people find very arduous is the weed control and the maintenance work involved in planting schemes such as staking, cutting back etc. Replacing  all of your perennial beds with shrubs is one way to make it less hard work. Planting shrubs through a weed suppressing membrane can make this a much easier task. Pack the ground about with lots of mulch like bark or gravel and you’ll find that weed push-through is dramatically reduced. There are lots of interesting shrubs to plant and they can provide almost as much colour and variation as other types of plants if you select them carefully. 

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