Once the weather gets warmer, most people look forward to spending more of their time outdoors where they can soak up all the sunshine. The warmer weather is perfect for those looking to do some gardening. Spending time in the garden is a great way to stay entertained and occupied while enjoying the nice weather and being active. If you have a loved one who was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, gardening is the type of activity that can benefit him or her tremendously.

Not only does gardening transform the landscape in the area, but it is also physically and mentally beneficial for anyone that has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. It is the type of activity that requires you to use your senses. Those with Alzheimer’s can enjoy the hands-on experience that keeps them busy and genuinely makes them feel good. Nature’s beauty brings joy to their lives.

The Advantages of Spending Time in the Garden

Over the span of several months and even years, those with Alzheimer’s often become more withdrawn, but they might still have some wonderful memories of the time they spent with loved ones. Gardening is one of the activities that could bring back some positive memories in a person’s life, making them think back to the good times instead of thinking negatively because of their diagnosis.

Along with thinking more positively and potentially helping an individual remember things from the past, there are several other benefits associated with getting involved in gardening. Those benefits would include:

-Natural confidence boost

-More energy

-Better rest at night

-Additional exercise

-Sense of true purpose 

Tips on Helping a Person With Alzheimer’s When Gardening

Although gardening might seem simple, you must take proper precautionary measures when you are completing gardening tasks with someone who has Alzheimer’s. You can seek senior care help and advice. These are a few important tips that you will need to remember:

-Put the sharper tools out of reach

-Avoid toxic plants

-Try to get out earlier in the morning to spend less time in the humidity

-Have a good time with lots of laughs

-Apply plenty of sunscreen to the face and body

-Wear protective gardening gear

-Consider starting a container garden because it would be easier for your loved one to access the garden