Happiness, Health and Hope: Surprising Secrets You Didn’t Know About Gardening

Most of you love getting out in the garden as often as you can; growing plants, flowers and vegetables are some of your favourite pastimes. Everyone might agree that gardening is one of the most enjoyable outdoor hobbies you can pursue. It is a way of getting young ones outside with your and letting them get their hands dirty without consequences. What if you started to see gardening as a way of life instead of a hobby? What would you say if someone told you that plants and horticulture could majorly benefit our health and wellbeing? It isn’t just about lawn care, but also about self-care. Here are a few unexpected facts which will help you to see gardening as more than just a fun activity.

Mulch and the Mind

Do you live in an urban area, surrounded by traffic, shops and hustle and bustle? Studies say that those who live outside of rural spaces are more likely to feel sad and depressed. In rural areas you’re given the luxury of space to grow your own crops and flowers, whereas you are very limited if you live in a high rise building or small apartment. Wherever you live, gardening should be enjoyed and it is possible to do anywhere. Consider buying an allotment to give you the outdoor freedom you need. Source out some always effective zoo poo manure  and use it to create your own pumpkin patch. Seeking out the relevant tools and a space to appreciate the glory of gardening is guaranteed to have a positive effect on your mind.

Rescue and Relax

It has been proven that gardening and tending to plants can help to combat anxiety, loneliness and depression. Many experts have researched the affects our little green friends can have on our minds and bodies and it really is astounding. By having green plants in your room you might be able to sleep better at night and heal any illnesses much quicker. Studies have shown that potted plants help the body to recover and heal, as they can help clear out toxins in the air. Some plants which can help to purify the air at home and in the garden include rubber plants, bamboo palm and lady palm. Those who live alone are more likely to suffer from feelings of seclusion and solitude. Having plants around can help to significantly reduce these negative feelings. Plants and flowers can make you feel needed as you have something to take care of. Providing love and care for our flowers can give us a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment.

Leafy Learning

It has been proven that children who spend a lot of time outdoors with plants and flowers have the ability to learn more quickly and effectively. Nature contributes positively to all of their cognitive development and physical interactions with others. Outdoorsy little ones are more likely to be compassionate and caring, compared to those cooped up indoors away from fresh greenery.

So gardening isn’t just a hobby to keep you occupied. It can truly help you to feel more at ease and mentally stable. Spread the word and tell all of your friends that gardening is the new answer to all of their problems!


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