Gardens naturally change season to season, as flowers bud and fruit at different times of the Gardens naturally change season to season, as flowers bud and fruit at different times of the year. For many, the cold weather is off-putting, and as soon as the garden furniture and BBQ is packed away, their garden becomes a no-go-area until the following spring. But a garden can be just as enjoyable in the cold winter months as it is during the spring and summer. Here are a few tips that will help you enjoy your garden all year round. 


Heating a garden is now an affordable option that can help extend your garden enjoyment. There is a wide variety of patio heaters and wood burners that can help keep you warm. This is particularly recommended if you live somewhere remote, as you can enjoy the wonders of a starlit sky as the nights draw in. Heaters can help you enjoy the seating areas in the winter months, but be cautious and ensure that you treat any furniture with care, so it doesn’t rot or warp in the wet weather. 


If you live in an area where the darkness comes early in the winter months, then that can hinder your enjoyment of your green spaces. However, lighting can help you enjoy those spectacular garden features throughout the night. Look at expert advice on the best place to use flood lights, to ensure that the light doesn’t spill into your home and brings out the best of your garden’s greatest highlights. 

Maintenance Time

If you are green-fingered and find yourself twiddling your thumbs during the winter, then it is time to get into your shed or greenhouse. Garden tools perform their best with regular maintenance. Winter can be an excellent time to get the sharpening stone out and give your clippers or lopers a sharpen before you need them again. Similarly, if you have any exterior wood, it is advisable to treat it annually with a protective coating before the bad weather hits. If you have any power tools, it is good to inspect them for signs of wear or tear and to get them tested to ensure they are still fully functioning and safe. 


The winter periods usually bring decorations into the home, but as we are spending more on decorations year on year, many of us are decorating outside our home too. Decorations can be festive, but they don’t need to be. You can put out winter ornaments that can be enjoyed long into the new year as well. Twinkling lights wrapped around trees can also continue to be enjoyed even after the end of the holiday season. Bring joy into your garden by changing it up. If there are particularly barren areas waiting for the next spring season, think about how temporary designs can add colour, texture or light on that ground. The brilliant thing about decorations is that they are temporary so that you can have fun and experiment, changing it up from year to year. Temporary decorations can transform a tired-looking garden into a celebration of the season, and with a little bit of creativity, it can be hours of fun too.

Remember, spring is only just around the corner, and those buds will be breaking through again, but that doesn’t mean your garden needs to hibernate. It can still be a hive of activity.