Gardening Gadgets – How to get the most of your time in the garden

Relaxing in the garden

Gardening Gadgets – How to get the most of your time in the garden


Want to spend more time enjoying your garden than working in it? John Wright takes a look at several labour and time saving devices to make garden chores a little easier.


Although gardening is a favoured pastime for many people, myself included, there are a number of garden related tasks that can be automated or that can utilise specific tools to reduce the amount of time spent on the task, thereby enabling us to spend more time enjoying the fruits of our labours. I decided to have a look at the latest gardening gadgets to see just what is available.


It would be fair to say that most of the advances in technology noted, relate to smart phone/mobile technology access through applications. As the need for us to keep updated with almost anything imaginable, technology has provided the means to do so. The gadgets listed all utilize this form of mobile access / technology.


Automated watering systems


These have been around for some time, however the latest innovations have taken automated watering systems to a whole new level.


Utilising a variety of innovative elements such as synthetic membranes that allow water seepage into specific areas through to timer systems, all of which can be controlled by an easy to use application on your smartphone.


Specific individual elements include the ability to water plant pots , hanging baskets and within a greenhouse, all of which can be automated.


Garden hedge trimmer


Hedges are one element of most gardens that require regular maintenance. Pruning, cutting and then disposing of the cuttings all takes time. However a handy gadget called the Garden groom hedge trimmer now offers a time saving solution. Appearing almost like a large hoover attachment with hose and attached bag, this handy gadget is lightweight and is safe to use. The cutting blades are enclosed with a large handled unit, which is attached to a hose and bag which, through effective suction, removes the cuttings instantly.


Robotic lawnmower


Although not a particularly new invention, the robotic lawnmower has become far more affordable and therefore mainstream potential purchase for the enthusiastic gardener. One of the most popular on the market at present is the Robomow. The premise is simple. place the lawnmower on the lawn and switch it on. In theory the unit should then be able to successfully navigate the lawn area, cutting to a predetermined length as it goes along. The reality is that technology has grown exponentially in the robotics field and as such this type of unit works surprisingly well. A number of sensors within the unit dictates its path based on a wire which is placed along the edge of the lawn. This wire in essence is the boundary by which the robotic lawnmower determines the area to be cut.


In terms of area it can navigate ands work with, it covers a sizeable 3500 sq metres, which is not far off an acre. Additionally the unit comes enabled with bluetooth which, with access via an application, provides information regarding current progress, battery life and the next time it suggests is best to mow again.




The reality is that gardening can be time consuming. However for those of us who would like to spend more time enjoying the garden than working and maintaining it, hopefully the gadgets mentioned will provide you with that extra time your longing for.

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