Gardening apparel that is a must for any keen gardener!

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How to look Good in your Garden

Just because you are knee deep in mud and ploughing your way through rose bushes and shrubs doesn’t mean that you can’t look good doing it.

Of course, gardening attire must always be practical and comfortable but that certainly doesn’t mean that it can’t be stylish.

We’ve created a list of some of the best gardening apparel that is a must for any keen gardener.

Wash down your wellies

When you’re digging your way through your garden, mowing your law or preparing your soil ready to accommodate your plants, you really can’t go wrong with a good pair of wellies!

Even during the warmer months, a pair of wellies will ensure that your feet remain dry, clean and comfortable. And thanks to the popularity of summer festivals, wellies are much more than a fashion statement than you might think.

Available in a wide variety of styles, colours and shapes, you really will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing appropriate footwear for the garden. Even designers such as Hunter and Joules are getting in on the action!

Sun hat

As soon as the slightest glimmer of sunshine breaks through the clouds, many of us descend into the garden. And if you’re a keen gardener, you will know how easy it is to lose track of time…

When you’re in the garden, you probably won’t notice the burning rays of the sun glaring down on your skin, so it’s important that you always wear a sun hat. From stylish caps to oversized floppy hats, protecting your head and face from the sun has never been so stylish!

Customise your T-Shirts

Many of us dig out our oldest, most tired looking clothing when we’re preparing to give our garden some much-needed TLC. But did you know that there are lots of ways that you can uplift all of those items of clothing that shouldn’t really see the light of day?

For example, dying your t-shirts, transforming your old looking jeans into a stylish pair of shorts or even turning a tired looking checked shirt into a cool crop top will do wonders for your style status in the garden.

Gardening gloves

When you’re pruning, cleaning or digging in the garden, it’s always advisable to protect your hands.

Gardening gloves have long been an integral garden accessory that many keen gardeners cannot live without. And today, if you step into any garden centre you will find plenty of choice when it comes to ensuring that your hands always look great in the garden.

Incorporating a wide range of different colours and patterns, adding colour, interest and intrigue to your garden attire is easier than you might think!

When you’re relying on the good old British weather, it’s highly likely that there’ll only be limited occasions when you can step into your garden without having to shelter from a sudden downpour!

But you certainly shouldn’t let a little bit of rain put you off. Instead, you should make sure that you are always equipped with a rainproof coat. Today’s rain coats have come a long way since the plain navy and black anoraks that defined outdoor wear many moons ago.

Step onto the high street and you will find a whole host of cool, quirky and practical raincoats. From those that take their inspiration from the colours, plants and flowers found in your garden to those that boast a rainbow of colours, there are lots of options available.

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