Garden Zones – Rooms in Your Garden

Some people have ‘garden rooms’, this season it’s all about ‘rooms’ in your garden!

There is nothing I enjoy more than relaxing in my garden with a few friends and a few drinks(!), and with summer on its way, I’ve been thinking more and more about how I can create zones in my garden to make my allotment area separate from my entertaining space.

While I was thinking about how can I create zones in my garden, I found out about a quality new system made by Grange. The style I choose from them is called ‘Valencia’ This brand is more towards the classical and traditional end of their ranges, and it really fits with the original plan for my garden. I really like the ‘Arts and Crafts’ style of garden design from the 1920s; there was a strong lean towards creating ‘rooms’ with gardens.

The products that I found in my local garden centre under the ‘Valencia’ brand include an arch, two types of arbours, and a trellis. (The trellis is actually branded as ‘Alderley’, but it works together really nicely).

Valencia Corner Arbour by Grange

Originally I was thinking about how can I create zones in my garden, purely to separate my slightly scruffy allotment from the area I wanted to hang out with my friends in. When I saw the range of products available, however, I started thinking about adding some more design features from the  ‘Valencia’ range to create whole new ‘zones’ within my garden. Maybe some people go shopping for arbours and come home with arbours. I seem to be able to redesign my whole garden when I see a quality and good-looking piece! 

Allotment area ‘zone’

While not edible, I just love sweet peas on an arbour. ‘Victoria Colossal Climbing’ is a firm favourite of mine.  Against a lovely trellis or piece of fencing, I don’t think that you always have to grow something over it – why cover something beautiful? Hidcote lavender and any of the brightest yellow Echinaceas always look great with a backdrop.

Entertaining space ‘zone’

You really can’t beat an Agapanthus in a pot, and for the same reasons as my planting choices of lavender and Echinacea, they will look great against the backdrop of the Alderney trellis. Over an arbour moving into the zone, really any variety of clematis is the perfect choice! If you like ‘botanical’ drinks, why not plant a few mint plants in pots hanging from the top of the trellis or attached to an abour?! 

Quite space ‘zone’

When I saw the ‘Valencia’ corner arbour, I just knew I had to have one for a zone of my garden I am developing into a quiet space. In my dreams, I would love a Wisteria with its bunches of flowers growing up the corner arbour and tumbling over the edges. I also love scent, and to plant a fragrant climbing rose alongside a honeysuckle, would just complete my ‘quite space’ dream.

Zones are an amazing way to set different parts of your garden apart from different purposes. The ‘Valencia’ range that I found in my local garden centre were just perfect. Why not have a go creating some zones in your garden today?!



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