It is easy to fill your garden with excellent plants and features and forget about whatever it is that runs around the edge of your garden. This might be a wall, fence or something in between; whatever it is you need to make sure that it fits the style of your garden and compliments it. Here are some ways you can do so.


Gates are one of the primary ways you are going to enter your garden. If we are talking about your front garden, then it will become a major feature for the front of your house as well. Your gate will need to match what you currently have running around the edges of your garden. If you have a wooden fence or stone wall, then a wooden gate to match is an excellent idea. However, if you have a metal fence, then a metal gate will fit much better. You will also need to consider how high your gate will be and what the overall design will be. This means taking into account how it will close, lock or any patterns featured on it. When deciding on your back garden fence, you might need a different kind of fence to match its own specific aesthetic. You likely want a higher fence to make your back garden more private, but it is entirely up to you so get a short fence if you want one.


If your current fence is falling down or you just feel like a change, then getting a new fence is a good idea. You will want to decide on whether to make it out of wood or metal and once you’ve decided you will want to pick up all the relevant fencing supplies. Once you have fitted your fence it worth considering if you want it painted a specific color. This might help to match the style of your garden or accentuate other colors from your plants or features. The type of wood that you choose will also make a big difference not only in the price of your project but the overall effect your fence has. You will also want to consider the practical parts of building a new fence such as how strong it needs to be or where you can actually build it. Make sure that if your fence is shared with your neighbor that you don’t start to pull down the old fence and to build a new one without consulting them and checking who has ownership over the fence. The last thing you want to do is burn some bridges to build a fence.


Stone or brick walls in your garden can look fantastic. They can go brilliantly with the plant life in your garden and your house in general. However, they are also the most complicated to build and it worth getting a specialist into it if you aren’t sure on the techniques yourself. However, this will be more costly, so you might want to take on the project yourself. You will need space to keep the stone or bricks you have purchased to build the wall and make sure that you have help as it will take a much longer time to build than a wooden fence.