Garden Furniture Ideas for Setting Up an Entertaining Space

Take advantage of your outdoor space by creating an inviting haven for you and your guests. An open space for entertaining is especially helpful during the warmer months. Aside from adding to your available living space, setting up furniture in your garden brings you a place for enjoyment and relaxation.

Setting up your garden for entertaining your guests involves choosing appropriate garden furniture. If you’re from the UK, you can buy garden furniture from

Here are some garden furniture ideas to create an entertaining outdoor space.

Check Your Weather

One of the major considerations in choosing a piece of garden furniture is the weather you have. Before buying furniture, check if you usually have dry and hot weather. Living near the beach is also another consideration.

Hot temperatures aren’t forgiving to wooden furniture; winds may easily blow away aluminum furniture, while constant rain isn’t too friendly with wicker furniture.

Thus, it’s important to choose a piece of furniture that’s appropriate for your weather.

Consider The Available Space

Check out the shape and size of your garden you plan to convert into an entertainment area. Knowing the length and width of the space you have will help you determine your outdoor furniture size. Whether you have a long, narrow space or a broad open area, you’d want to provide enough space around the furniture for you and the guests to walk comfortably around.

For small spaces, consider getting stools and bar tables, which occupy less space. You can also consider rattan bistro sets as they also have a smaller profile than regular furniture sets. With larger spaces, you can always play around with many choices in the market.

Inspect The Exact Spot

It’s best to determine the qualities of the location you plan to place the furniture. Consider if the location has an overhead covering, or if you’re going to place the furniture on grass, soft ground, or hard surfaces, like a patio or deck. Doing this will help you choose the appropriate materials for your location and surroundings.

Avoid placing furniture made from softwood, like pine, in sun-exposed and damp areas. Moisture can easily make wood rot and some metals to rust. You can also add umbrellas for shading your furniture to avoid exposing them under the sun, which can affect the furniture’s finish.

Consider The Material

It’s easier to narrow down your choices by deciding on the material you want in your garden furniture. In deciding, you want to consider your location’s weather, the level of care needed by the material, and its appearance.

The needed level of care for the material is an important consideration. Like all things, garden furniture also needs attention and maintenance in order for it to last a long time.

If you’re looking for something that you can basically set up without needing much maintenance, wrought iron and resin furniture could be your best option.

Be Mindful of Comfort

To ensure a comfortable garden space, consider comfort in choosing your furniture. Think about rockers or chaise lounges for a relaxing stay outdoors. You may also want to check out daybeds and hammocks for your garden.

As a tip, always try the furniture before purchasing it. Consider getting cushions and pillows for your chairs. You’d also want to choose a quality fabric that’s mold and fade resistant.

Allow Flexibility

You want garden furniture that’s both convenient and flexible.

Here are some furniture pieces you may want to add to your list:

  • Umbrellas you can easily transfer from one place to another
  • Screens to block the view from a nearby home or the street
  • Collapsible tables that can be pulled out when you have more guests
  • Wheeled carts for carrying food and other things in and out your house

Ensure Good Quality

Some people think that garden furniture is less important than their indoor furnishings. Unfortunately, this thought is a big mistake.

Garden furniture should have the ability to withstand rain, wind, sun, and constant use. Thus, it’s important to check out each piece of furniture before purchasing them, especially if the price is too good to be true.

Pay Attention To Details

It’s worth your time to check out every detail in a piece of garden furniture. This is to ensure that you don’t end up with flawed furniture that you’ll throw away in a few months.

Here are some tips:

  • Inspect chairs to ensure that it has sturdy and solid legs. Also, try sitting on the chair to check if it can take your weight. This will help you gauge the level of comfort it can provide.
  • Choose furniture that’s assembled with stainless steel screws.
  • Try running your hands along wooden furniture pieces to feel if they’re sanded smoothly.
  • Choose garden furniture pieces that have plastic or rubber feet if you plan to place them on the patio or deck.

Final Thoughts

Creating an outdoor space for entertaining your guests is a wonderful idea, especially if you have a pretty garden to show off. With quality garden furniture, it’s easy to relax outside and enjoy the fresh air.

Choosing your garden furniture carefully will help you create this comfortable outdoor space for yourself and your guests.

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